Physiogel Cleanser



Hello Physiogirls, err… Physiogel girls!

So, I decided to make this month week a Physiogel special!

Check out Physiogel Cream here and Physiogel Intensive Cream here.

Moving on, this is what a full size Physiogel Cleanser look like…

Phsyiogel Cleanser – Php325.00


Packed in a simple box, plain print design and minimal color – this product means business and it is more than you think it is. 🙂

It comes with a separate pump – so even if its huge, it won’t spill in the luggage if you decided to go (carry) for it. 🙂 The body shape is perfect for hand grasp too.

It does the job – simply, easily and chemical-free.
It’s hypoallergenic – (if you haven’t noticed yet) all Physiogel products are actually hypoallergenic, the same reason why its safe for baby’s sensitive skin. 🙂


I carry this on JC’s baby bag, so when he cooks down there and water is nowhere in sight – Hello Physiogel Cleanser!

Balanced pH

Just what sensitive skin and baby needs in a cleanser that cleanses well without drying the skin or greasy oil film feel (does that makes sense?). It leaves baby a moisturized and clean bum and consecutive uses proved that it doesn’t cause rashes as well.

Use as a
– Regular facial wash
-Makeup remover
-Baby wash on the go on his face
-and genitals after diaper change and poop

This is somewhat a refreshing product to use, simply because its chemical-free.

We (baby and I) are so gonna keep this on our separate stash (makeup kit and baby bag)! This is a multipurpose cleanser without the harmful agents.

Stay tuned for Physiogel Lotion! 🙂

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