Chronicles of a Young Wife: When Letting Go is The Only Way

There is time to hold on and time to let go. There are things we should keep and things to give away.

The hardest part of dealing with death is that you have to let go of whatever you had – that string of relationship suddenly cut – with that someone whether you are ready or not. The two-way traffic became one way street – like you see things going on outside while watching it inside a glass room – you’ll never hear the answers if you got questions, approval of your decisions, confirmations to your affection. Things are left unsaid, questions hanging…

I will just forever wonder about us. We were not close or far apart. We were not hot, not even cold. We’re just there, like together but not deeply attached to each other, and I will now forever wonder what if we were more.

I love you Nay. You may not felt it – but I had faith you knew about it. The fact still remains, you have a special place in my heart. Now that you’re gone, your place is like wounded and by letting you go, it’ll leave that place hollowed and scarred. Like a mark – a tattoo.


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