EO Executive Optical – My First Pair of Graded Lenses


Watery eyes, nausea-tic, head feels like it was going to pop – that is how I always feel after hibernating my laptop, so i decided i would give my eyes some yummy treats and buy myself an eye protector thinking this has got something to do with my eyes. True enough, after visiting EO to get a pair, a free eye consultation concluded I got to get graded lenses. My vision is not the perfect 20-20 as I used to be… I’m +25 now. Thank goodness it’s still not that bad but I’m not sure though if it’s still curable… #wishfulthinking


Aside from the free verses, (yes, apparently, EO gives verses on a book) a travel-size tool-box screwdrivers for my diy eyeglass repair, a year warranty, an extra glass wiper hanky and a cute keychain,

the glasses also included a metal case and a box for the metal case.image

The glasses aside from being graded is also an eye protector against UV rays and radiation coming from computer and gadgets’ screens. not just that, my glasses turns gray when its sunny hot – free sunglasses, yay!

Check out my several FOTDs wearing my EO glasses!



At the #wywttt event


with the husband


The EO doctors were friendly, the staff even. The entire package costs me around less than Php5000.00 only! I think it’s a good deal, I had an eye protector, graded lenses and a shade rolled in one plus the other free stuff that comes with it. I’m not ready for contacts yet, so I would be wearing this cute colorful pair for quite a while. I’m not yet used to it but I’m getting there.

Take a look at Executive Optical’s website athttp://www.eo-executiveoptical.com/ to find out more.

Watching eye makeup for glasses,



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