Chronicles of a Young Wife: When It’s A Boy

When you are a mother to a daughter, all things are usually shining, glittery and girly.

When you are a mother to a son, all things are always everywhere, dirty, disorganized and when you got more luck, it would be smelly too.

I love painting my face and Im used on dressing up. With a kiddo observing me doing makeup, I cringe – I cringe inside me every time! I always tell him that my liptube’s for girls and he is a boy. I used to buy things in girly shades of pink and yellow and purple, now I’m considering a safer or say masculine shades such as dark green, moss green, deep blue, fiery reds and the neutrals black and white.

I bid my goodbyes to dolls and permanently get rid of kitchen playthings. I open my doors to different kinds of balls and airplanes and robots and cars.

I switch my heels to rubber shoes. Fancy tops to plain tees and sometimes my handbag to packs just so I could run after him and save him from whatever on the last seconds!

To make this post complete, I’ll share to you my latest favorite article from the…

5 Things I Never Thought I’d Have to Say

The other day I said “Don’t punch your weenies!” and as I walked away I thought, seriously…did I just say that?

When it comes to raising boys, I can’t believe I have to say these things but apparently you do.

Here are five things I never thought I would say…

1. “Put the mouse back in the house!” (If you have boys, you ALL know what I am referring to!)

2. “No, we do not eat boogies and they are not super delicious.” (This was a fun conversation in the car, when I can’t do anything about it.)

3. “Don’t lick your brother!” (Did my youngest son transform into a cat when I wasn’t looking?)

4. “Your tongue is not a replacement for a tissue!” (A common statement in our household during flu season, especially with my youngest, who has a crazy super long tongue.)

5. “Don’t pee in the bathtub!” (Since when did the bathtub become a replacement for the toilet when it is right next to it?!)

Ah..yes, the life of being a mom with boys. We are always on the lookout because we know anything is possible.


Babe’s a year and a half old and I can’t wait to see our own version of “things I never thought I would say” of course I would not leave you hanging because I would definitely share them with you!

And, to end this post I would also like to suggest to search the latest talk of the parenthood town in the web — the silliest, most creepiest things children ever said to their parents – the articles and the comments were hilarious!


Enjoy them while their still young and want hugs and a kisses before they turn to rebellious teenies,


*looks for babe *picks him up on the bed *wet him with kisses and squeeze him with hugs


Mommy G.


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