Chronicles of a Young Wife: My Family from Hawaii

How I wish to kiss the sands of Maui and dance with tutu made of straw, wearing flowers around my neck while swaying to the beat of Pearly Shell and drinking fresh coconut juice on its fruit with a toothpick umbrella on the side… Day dreaming again!

My Lolo and Lola were residents of Hawaii for almost three decades now. They visit us every time they could and send balikbayan boxes too. (Thank you so much lo and la for keeping us in your minds and hearts ❤ #feelingloved)

These are my grandparents from my father’s side. Lola Concordia (dad’s mom), Lola Vicky(Lolo Erning’s wife) and Lolo Ernesto (Lola’s brother).


One of my favorites from their pasalubongs were these jellybeans that my babe hoard!

macadamia chocolates


macadamia nuts

With macadamia or not, life’s more beautiful when shared with grandparents be it your mom and dad’s or your grandparents’ siblings and cousins. hihi


Friends come and go, but family stays. ❤

Warm hugs, macadamia nuts and alohas.


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