Chronicles of a Young Wife: Baby’s Top 5 Today

Wished I did this a lot earlier but heck, its better to be late than never. In this post I gave you baby’s Top 5 milestone or cute moment of the day! 🙂

1 – JC learns to bow his head with closed eyes and mouth pouting when we told him to pray. Hint: Mamala Ellen thought him this one.

2 – Baby loves to pick his string beans from my plate and hates anything cold including ice cream. #fistintheair

3 – He loves to sing Kingdom songs with or without music on top of his lungs as long as he’s holding the songbook upside down or not, but upside down most of the time.

4 – “Apute” (a-pu-te) is his word when his asking for more, usually more food. IDK how he came up with that word, but that’s it.

5 – “Papa” is his favorite word. I’ll say Papa he’ll say Papa. I’ll say Mama, he’ll say Papa. I’ll say lolo, lola, tito, tita, and he’ll just say Pa-pa.


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