Chronicles of a Young Wife: Blogapalooza 2013 – The Stars

First. Time. Ever!

Blogapalooza Manila Business to Blogger Networking Event Philippines WhenInManila (9)

First Blogapalooza. First segment.

It would be a very long post if I put everything in one go. So here is the first part of my first ever Blogapalooza – The Stars! and when I say Stars – I refer to the PRs, hosts and guest speakers and presenters and err, mascots! This blog was one of the many fortunate blogs to be invited to this exclusive business-to-blogger networking event called: Blogapalooza.

Night before the event, I read a mail about the “GrabTaxi”. Download the app. Book a taxi. Redeem a cash-back on the event. That was so cool! I was planning to ask hubby to drop me of SM Aura (since I don’t have a license yet. Boo!) but decided to give this app a try, and “get in” to this hot gimmick! I tried for an hour to get a cab but unfortunately, it wasn’t not a success. My hunch was that C5 was not moving… That didn’t break my spirit though. I rode a public fx (I don’t want to bother hubby since he started designing and I insisted to commute) and c5 was like a long, long trailer train – of cars! I knew it! Good thing the driver knew some shortcut!

Ahh! Finally made it to SMX! 🙂

A short queue on the registration booth.


I just made it in time to ask Mikey Busto for a photograph. Too bad he already removed his wings! Yup, he’s an angel. He apologized for removing his too heavy wings. His feathers are white and he is super nice!


Missed to ask for a photo with Bogart the Explorer but finally I see him live in action! Ha! Finally, I entered the function room with a tag bearing my name and of this blog.

It was so overwhelming. People are everywhere having fun! Rounding the booths, playing fun games, listening to talks, and winning prizes every hour! Ha!

Just what i need! A cup of

first before I go round the booths!

I personally meet, greet and chat with Ms. Karen Bordador in an exclusive sparty and ever since I’m a follower, especially on IG! She is super nice in person! Very intimidating at first (who wouldn’t be? She’s a vixen for crying out loud!) but when the ice breaks (and I tell you, she usually is the one breaking the ice. hehe!) Happy to know this happy bunny will be hoppin’ and be one of the guest speaker of this event. Woohoo!blogapalooza np lololola 021

Karen Bordador from afar.

blogapalooza np lololola 027

Karen Bordador with my sister Beth.

Hadn’t got the chance to get a photo with her because the guys are stalking her! hihi

Photograph my way to Lines IG promotion! 🙂


Look how cute this teddy bear was?! I wanna take her home and be my baby’s bed buddy!
blogapalooza np lololola 025

Days before this event, Philippines middle and south parts were hit by the #strongeststormontheplanet – #YolandaPh #TyphoonHaiyan. Very devastating indeed. I myself didn’t sleep well after watching several clips on what is going on out there.  So proud and happy to say that we had fun plus, we got to help the #YolandaPH victims as well with #Blogapalooza’s #ThePiggyBankMovement!

blogapalooza np lololola 028

Pink piggy banks are roaming around the event so that bloggers could donate for the typhoon victims

blogapalooza np lololola 029

In our own little way, we helped. 🙂 #happy na #proud pa!

We also got the chance to meet Boy’s NIght Out’s Sam YG!

blogapalooza np lololola 030

blogapalooza np lololola 031

Check out the complete list of media partners!


via WheninManila

Blogapalooza 2013 is brought to you by and

Organized by Francis Simisim, Vince Golangco and Anton Diaz

OAP logo new


We took off with loots on our shoulders and smiles on our faces! 😛

blogapalooza np lololola 032

blogapalooza np lololola 033

Thank you so much, see you on my Part 2 – The Booths!


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