Chronicles of a Young Wife: Blogapalooza 2013 – The Loots




Blogapalooza stars here.

Blogapalooza booths here.

and finally, the Blogapalooza loots!

You must wear this


to get in, and to get to take your chances of the raffle prizes, free games and just plain instant fun freebies!

Let’s begin digging my sacks, shall we?

blogapalooza np lololola 032

Go Nattural’s Slenda

The two samples containing two tablets were given to all bloggers who visit their booth. They told us to go back to their booth at around 4pm for instant prizes and guess what? Yup, I’m the first to arrive! You know who needs it more now, right? 🙂




FYI: One sachet of wheatgrass equals 10kilos of vegetables! I am so going to slurp this like water! 😀



Two lazer tag games – must. stretch. to. win.wpid-C360_2013-11-20-18-33-08-053.jpg

Nice Day Coffee

Aside from my free cup, there is this free sachet of Nice Day. Will save this for a gloomy afternoon. ❤


Rich Prime

Sugar, spice and everything nice. This loot is so perfect for my baby! ❤ Even hubby loves the Book of Scrap. Oh men!



Ahh… Enjoy! My winning of a Php1000.00 gift certificate for Fish and Co is enough but Mr. Sir right here

blogapalooza np lololola 015

(this photo is actually lost – it should be in The Stars post, but I personally think, it’s meant to be here, you know what I mean?)

gave me a free Enjoy card valid until 2014! *cartwheel and more cartwheel! (virtually of course!)


I also took home this big, big teddy of a bear!blogapalooza np lololola 025

Kidding! lol *strike one

That’s it! 🙂

Kidding again! lol *strike two

Really happy to be part of this event! Watch out for my other prizes that I’ll be blogging separately so soon, it’s almost now.

For now check out the complete sponsors!

 Mind Museum
 Grab a Taxi
 View Park Hotel Tagaytay
 Tempura Japanese Grill
 Eagle’s Wings
 Miles & Levels Philippines
 Chef’s Noodle
 Ambient Digital
 I Love Lulu Nails
 NY Theraspine
 San Miguel Foods
 Tropicana Coco Quench
 Gavino’s Donuts & Berry Drink
 Go Nattural
 Rich Prime
 Ysa Skin Care Corp.
 Plato Wraps
 Best Brew Coffee Solutions
 BYS Cosmetics Philippines
 EnjoytheBest Philippines

Really happy to be part of this event! Watch out for my other prizes that I’ll be blogging separately so soon, it’s almost now. Oww, did I mention that already? I had to get a third strike ‘coz you’re waiting for it, right? *strike three



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