Chronicles of a Young Wife: Blogapalooza 2013 – The Booths

Check out Blogapalooza – The Stars here.

If party-goers have bar hopping, then blogapalooza bloggers have booth hopping!
SMX was jampacked and everyone was having fun!

Booths are a mix of fun games, raffle prizes and free tastes! Talk about fun, right?

The Eagles Wings Enterprises and Ambient Digital raffling off prizes.

blogapalooza np lololola 005

YSA Skin Care giving free intensive diamond peel and Nice Day Coffee’s free coffee,


Go Natturals giving off Slenda capsules,

blogapalooza np lololola 012

LazerXtreme giving off free games

blogapalooza np lololola 008

and Rich Prime giving away play toys! Woot woot!

blogapalooza np lololola 010

The Mind Museum’s Guessing Game is kinda fun. Thank goodness I answered correctly! Here is my rhyme:

“In the Atom Gallery: What do you call that metal ball that makes your hair stand on its end when you touch it?”

My answer: Static Ball (Geez, my “I love Physics!” was proven! #fistbump)

blogapalooza np lololola 006

Chooks To Go! I played. I conquered. I take home. Will save my winning pose on a separate post! Beware of the chicken-eating-blogger!

blogapalooza np lololola 009

Tino’s Dress Making and Tailoring gave away cute bows,

blogapalooza np lololola 011

while BYS Cosmetics gave nail polishes! ❤

blogapalooza np lololola 013


Too bad I got shake-y unsteady hands! The Instax camera was to die for!

blogapalooza np lololola 016

Our eyes, minds and stomach were full too! *burp

Stay tuned to part 3 – The Loot!


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