Chronicles of a Young Wife: Rich Prime Global – About People, Brands and Innovation

One of the perks of being a mom is that you could justify play guiltless! Like I always say Motherhood is Access to Guiltless Play especially when your childhood consist of these (which probably is, like mine)…





My dad used to surprised us with toys helpful in developing our skills, to achieve our baby milestones, discover our talents and let us grow playing and laughing and having fun while learning! I am always and forever a kid at heart. I’m surprise to see myself nosing the latest Barbie movie on Disney Channel and especially now that I have a very curious

little boy

who pouts when I don’t let him go and explore,

who loves to breastfeed

and play with or without proper toys

and play once more with whatever is lying around, at reach and looks shiny or yummy…

I think I’m ready to embrace my childhood once more and welcome new toys like

and be his first playmate!

I’m happy to bump with RichPrime Global, Inc. in this year’s Blogapalooza. RichPrime Global is the leading company that brought Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Vtech, Megabloks and Chicco to children and kids-at-heart. They started to reach out to children of all ages during the time when toys are considered a luxury and not a necessity to learn. And now, they bring toys intended to children’s learning, development and lifestyle. Richprime provide innovative products that caters the need of children today without sacrificing technology and child’s safety, hence, giving them, both parents and children a quality time and happy childhood respectively.

My RichPrime Global loot.


With Richprime global, I’m now ready to make my babe’s childhood worthy and full-of-fun! ❤

What’s your favorite childhood toy?


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