Chronicles of a Young Wife: Slimmer’s World Diamond Peel Experience

 Prior to the service, a skin consultant, Ms. Girlie analyzed my skin and gave out special memo to the therapist. I personally didn’t put heavy makeup on. What I only did was put moisturizer and lipbalm – that’s it.

Slimmer’s World, Megamall branchslimmers kbbq 006

Receptionists at the entrance

slimmers kbbq 008

This is my face before the treatment. Naked. Eyebags. Discoloration. Pigmentation.

slimmers kbbq 012




I’m actively breaking out this past few days and I think it has something to do with the new product I’m testing out, or maybe my skin is “tired” on different products that I’ve been using.

The treatment room.

slimmers kbbq 011


slimmers kbbq 013


The procedure:

Cleanses and removes dirt and makeup. Eyes are protected from heat using this cool cotton.



slimmers kbbq 015

After opening the pores using the steam, the “diamond peel” begun using a syphon that vaccums dead cells.

The procedure will end using a mentholated mask to close the pores.

slimmers kbbq 016

I feel fresh and my face rejuvenated! ❤slimmers kbbq 017slimmers kbbq 019

Ms. Girlie of Slimmer’s World, Megamall branch.
slimmers kbbq 021

Thank you so much Ms. Girlie for the free consultation, discounts and program. I “enrolled” myself on a session worth Php6,000.00 for the warts removal and facials package worth Php6,000.00!

Can’t wait to get back and give my skin some tender loving care! ❤

Watch out for a giveaway!


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