Slimmer’s World Gym





Before hitting the gym, we first took our diamond peel session, click here.

Slimmer’s World, Megamall branch.slimmers kbbq 006

We signed up for a six-month program worth Php11,4oo.00 and mom get 10 “Tummy-Tuck” sessions (IDK what’s it called) for a discounted price of Php7,000.00 only! Aside from that, the receptionist also gave us 2 free tummy tuck sessions! Cool!

On to the gym, we were measure, oh my…

slimmers kbbq 023slimmers kbbq 024

and then, we were oriented to where’s where and what’s what. How enormous workout machines works, the warm up and cool down.

slimmers kbbq 025Beth using the treadmill.

slimmers kbbq 028The ammenities are good. Vast ladies room with showers, lockers, dressing room and powder room with huge mirrors.slimmers kbbq 029slimmers kbbq 030

slimmers kbbq 031

Always wear your rubber shoes when working out, okay? 😛

Giveaway coming up! ❤


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