Lucent Magique Highlighter Pen

Lucent Magique Highlighter Pen – 1.6ml (Php725.00)
This “torch-of-light” concealer pen has liquid light byron technology that corrects and illuminates. This pen has plenty of uses that it will never leave my new L’Oreal pouch! 😛
Tip of the pen – I love the brush tip as it is soft but could still stand, hence could also be use to “line” the nose. I prefer patting the product using my ring finger to blend away – a concealer brush could do this job too.
The many uses:
– can be used as primer base for eyeshadow
– can effectively lightens dark under eye circles
– reduce redness around the nose area
– cover fine expression line
– can be use as contour around the lips for a defined shape
– could also be used as a highlighter on the bridge on the nose
– could also be used as a highlighter on the upper cheek area
– can be use as a light coverage foundation

Twist the opposite end until the product ooze on the brush. Be very careful so you could “squeeze” just the right amount and won’t “spill”.

My first squeeze! Lucent Magique Highlighter Pen in Fair.


Creamy but still blendable. Easy to dry, so pat away right after applying this to completely apply this and avoiding patches of light on skin. Doesn’t cake up and could be use before foundation – hence, save on foundation use. I will be using this from now on since I just got rid off my last concealer. 😛

Bright eyes to fake sleepless nights – check! ;P (shh! That’s our little secret!)


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