Chronicles of a Young Wife: T.G.I.Fridays, Greenbelt 3

Last November 28, T.G.I.Fridays open its 15th serving at Level 3, Greenbelt 3! The latest branch is different from former ones as it showcase contemporary, cozier, less-action-more-laid back look while catering the wants and needs of both young and old american food enthusiasts.

This is TGIFridays, Greenbelt 3 branch.

gerilen 509

Couple of days ago, I received an invite from Ms. Jap to see TGIFridays new look and today, she made my Monday an unforgettable Friday!

The Contemporary and the Riddles

Fancy lights, detailed wooden railings, comfortable soft couches, uneven drop circle ceilings – these are just some of the candies for your eyes.

gerilen 490

gerilen 501

gerilen 500

Mix of authentic wood and cushioned couches and benches – this interior gives an at home feel. Turning your mode to “stress” to “rest”. 🙂

gerilen 478

The red accent gives it a live happy vibe – Friday is in the air!
gerilen 479

Framed photos. I actually liked like the texture and colors of these picture frames. It tells a story – once upon 1965. What is this hall called?

gerilen 480

Do you know where’s this skyscraper is? and where’s the canvass is made off and why? Read on to find out!

This corner frames right here, caught my attention. It will caught yours too. The dark wooden wall makes it stand out – that’s why. Wonder where in TGIFridays is this?
gerilen 499

Check this out and don’t miss out the highlights of TGIFridays’ 48 years!

gerilen 483

Why add high-tech entertainment to match delicious American food? Why not?

The bar.

gerilen 485

Wine cellar and two flat tv screens. What does these flatscreens show?

The couch. This kind of “spot” will make your dining experience extra special and somewhat “private” – at least on my personal point of view that is. It’s like you’re on the ocean and this. This is our island. 😛

gerilen 486

In here, it’s always Friday. Hooray!

gerilen 487

The Menu, the Answers and Your Mission

The menu – for dining and drinks. It’s so Friday! Why separate? Because they have dining-ala-fresco intended for those who just want to linger the night away with a bottomless mojito on the right and a crispy nacho on the left.

gerilen 563

This my friend, is the Heritage wall.

gerilen 483

The flatscreens show sports and games like basketball. Because you don’t watch the current peso-dollar exchange on a Friday, right? You shout and cheer your favorite team!

gerilen 502

and yup, the canvass is made of baseball bats, and why? Because baseball is American’s favorite sport!

gerilen 480

And another yes, that’s Statue of Liberty right there on the far-right-end and it’s the famous New York skyscrapers!

gerilen 484

If you answered, err, guessed correctly, then you are a certified TGIFridays fan!

The “F” frame… that, I won’t tell. Dine there and find it. That’s your mission!

The Secret Chambers

This is where good food are created. This is where they turn every day into Friday. Take a peek!

Busy creating flavors.

gerilen 492

Clean. With white uniforms, hairnets and hand gloves.gerilen 493

Efficient in space and work space area.

gerilen 494

For sanitary reason, the prep room where they prepare ingredients is located separately from the area here where they cook. The ingredients are in separate containers with labels to make sure food is clean, fresh and safe. See, you won’t need to worry where and how they prepare the dish. All you have to think about is the reason to celebrate and make your day a Friday, like a promotion, graduation, anniversary or just because! 🙂

The Masterminds and My Accidental Table Date

Sir Rich, the manager and his apprentice.

gerilen 504 gerilen 505

TGIFridays angels. Always smiling and at their toes, on-your-service mode.

gerilen 506

The secret agents. Very polite, accommodating and friendly.

gerilen 507

My accidental date – mom. I’m suppose to come alone and my mom was kind enough to escort me there and decided to stroll around while waiting for me. Then, this. In short, they let me make her my +1. She had a real good Friday experience too!

Thank you so much T.G.I.Fridays! ❤

gerilen 523

The Stars of Our Table

Friday’s Three-For-All Php 795

gerilen 519

Combination of TGIFridays most famous appetizers: Loaded Potato Skins with sour cream dip, Spicy Buffalo Wings with bleu cheese dressing and Fried Mozzarella with hot marinara sauce complete with celery sticks

Jack Daniel’s Burger Php 545

gerilen 526

Fire-grilled seasoned 7-oz of burger slab stacked with strips of crispy bacon, american cheese in between toasted buns, this burger set is served with the Jack Daniel’s sauce, classic fixings and fries

Shareable Platter  – Last Quarter Special


Southwest Adobo Chicken in Chimichurri with Chili Jalapeno Sauce, Battered Beer Fish and Chips, and Filipino Pork Liempo

Baby Back Ribs Php1,195


Rack of pork ribs slowly cooked on a fire grill and glazed with tangy barbecue sauce. This fall-off-the-bone meat is tender and juicy. Served with coleslaw and crispy seasoned fries.

Filipino Platter (serves 3-4) Php1,150

gerilen 535

Best Filipino dishes, one platter. This medley includes Filipino Pork Liempo in sweet and sour sauce, fall-off-the-bone Pork Adobo and Slowly Roasted Half Chicken complete with ensalada

Brownie Obsession Php 325

gerilen 542

two warm baked brownies covered in chocolate fudge, a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with caramel sauce and pecans

Mocha Mud Pie Php 325

gerilen 543

Luscious chocolate-almond mousse and coffee flavored ice cream frozen in a chocolate crumb crust. This yummy overload is topped with hot fudge and crispy toasted almond slices.

Now it’s your turn to take a visit at the 15th branch Greenbelt 3, don’t forget your mission. *winks

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