Chronicles of a Young Wife: Mind Museum Special – Leonardo Da Vinci, An Inventor

Da Vinci – An Inventor

This genius conceptualized the modern machines we use as a normal part of our everyday lives today. His inventions led the way to a more comfortable way of living and I’m so happy to relive his inventions and try out his machines made of wood.

gerilen 296

Cuscinetto a Sfere e a Rulli – Rolling Ball Bearings

gerilen 286

Cuscinetto a Sfere – Roll Bearings

gerilen 290

Chain Sequence – Carter a Catena

gerilen 292

Calandra o Laminatoio – Rolling Mill

gerilen 297

Martinetto o Crick – Jack

gerilen 300

Macchina Volante – Flying Machine

gerilen 302

Vite d’ Archimede – Archimedes’ Screw

gerilen 310

Meccanismo d’ Orologio – Clock Mechanism

gerilen 285

Tranformatione del Moto Alternato – Transformation of Capilliaries of Alternating Motors

gerilen 289

gerilen 291

gerilen 295

gerilen 293

gerilen 277

Gru su Carrello ad Elevatore a Vite – Crane on Cart

gerilen 272


gerilen 274gerilen 273

Perforatrice Orrizontale – Horizontal Drill

gerilen 298

gerilen 282

He indeed made our lives even more comfortable and do things easier. I best love the part where we get to “try” these wooden piece of art instead of just looking at it on a certain distance. I also appreciate the detailed diagrams and in-depth description of what were the machines are.

It would take one a whole day to learn each and every piece of this genius works, and several posts to tackle each field of Da Vinci’s expertise.


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