Shine Moist Keratin Treatment

I felt that my hair is damage since my last hair rebonding and frequent sun exposure making it dry, coarse, dull and frizzy. Noting that my hair is naturally thin, making it frizzy equals hay-textured hair that is tangle prone and easy to break. Good thing tita shared her little secret with me…


Shine Moist Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment and rich protein bond nourish hair and leave habit exceptionally soft. Steamer or covering the hair in plastic maximizes it potential to increase softness.


Competent to penetrate deeply while protecting cuticular hair layer

How to use: After shampooing, blot dry hair with towel or cotton shirt apply generous mount and cover hair with plastic cap for 15 – 30 mins with heat.


No pungent smell at all, this treatment did not irritate my sensitive scalp and at the same time nourish, tame and soften my hair. When I first use this, I didn’t use any steamer or plastic cap, but, the result really made me a believer! Just a treat I need for my sister’s big day!


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