Glam Chin and Forehead Strips

My little sister’s wedding is a success, not to mention, a big hit – and I’ll spill the beans on here soon! As for this post, this is one of our way to prepare ourselves for the big event! One of my biggest insecurities is my blackheads especially on my nose, but aside from using this twice a week, my sister is sweet enough to give me a couple of this Glam strips


and a visit to Slimmer World for facial and gym. 😉

This is what the strip’s packaging looks like


pretty plain compared to their charcoal infused nose strip


this packet is kinda confusing as it says 1 chin and forehead strip, I initially thought it had two strips inside as you couldn’t use the same strip twice, right?


As always, to make this experience work effectively. I first open up my pores by either washing my face with lukewarm water and/or steaming my clean face on the cooking rice. 🙂 Then, while still when, gently put the strip on…


bare chin






Although it’s not as effective, it did remove some of the whiteheads including that huge one right there on the upper left of the strip, its eeky yucky but I’m sure is glad!

I won’t be buying anytime soon since I’m still consuming my charcoal strip and as obvious as it could be, I could use my charcoal I fused strip to my forehead, nose and chin, no need to buy a separate box, right? Aside from these strips, facials and gym sessions, we also use different kinds of body scrubs both DIY, drugstore and we also make a DIY bleach!

If you look at the right side bar of this site, top 1 trending topic is Beth’s Ettas Bleaching Powder, so obviously one of pur most requested DIY is homemade bleach coming right up!


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