Slimmer’s World and Facial Warts

As much as I would like to deny and hide them, they’re there in my face waving high to the world – my facial warts. It all started after I gave birth, the immune system got weak to the point of popping a wart which is viral and spread like wild-fire on my face. I knew it was spreading and but I never thought it would be this much…image

They’re quite small, but there’s plenty of them! The photo above was taken just right after application of cream anesthesia. I had to wait for more than half an hour to make my skin numb and ready for the procedure.

Some didn’t hurt at all, but there are few big spots here and there that made me cringe and stifle in pain. I smell the zings just for a while and still felt a sting on the warts where it hurts.

I go home and face the mirror with this face.


It still stings and some even became watery while the others are dried out and burnt. I was refrained by wetting my face for the next 24hours so it’s a plus that I took a shower first before the procedure and of course, I had to apply this for the next week twice a day, in the morning and night.


Gentaflou Cream

I cash out Php6,000.00++ for this procedure which have six parts. My first procedure covers two parts, the neck and face. I will be returning to the them this week and hopefully, no more warts are popping out or else this procedure will be done again.

This is my first time to try warts removal procedure and according to friends it is quite expensive – well, with several promotions on different online shops, I realize that it is, but I’m still hoping for the best. Like having a good experience out of this. Wish me that. 😉 So far, good.

See you on my next cottery procedure!

P.S. this is also one of my way to prep up on my sister’s big day! 😉


6 thoughts on “Slimmer’s World and Facial Warts

  1. Hello Girly,

    I just had same procedure last Friday and I have the same result. How did it go after? I am scared with the scars.. Did it scar? Or will it disappear after?

      1. Thanks for your reply, so far the scars indeed peeled off and~ Just few more and everything would be scar free~ 😉 Sankyu~ No more warts finally and hope it won’t grow again~

  2. reading the comments here eased my worries, had my procedure this week and its my 3rd day and i’m scared as hell if it would scar. had mine done in slimmers as well 🙂 although on my 2nd day my face was swollen and i looked like i got into a fight and got my ass kicked. :)) or should i say my face. haha! i really hope it doesn’t scar.

    1. It really is scary at first, and its nice to know that you’re now at ease. Just don’t forget to apply your cream religiously, for faster better (more like smoother) result.
      Thanks for commenting, Kathy! 😉

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