Chronicles of a Young Wife: Baby’s Top 5 Today

1) We skip his December vaccine (it’s OK though so no problem!) and got his Hepa A today. He just yell “Ow!” and that’s it. I ask him he wants more and he said “apa” which means “opo” which means “yes” in a very respectful manner. Good baby! At least he had spider man covering his puncture! 😉


2) Titala Nida cooked Sinigang na Bangus with lots a pechay. He hates the leaves but he munch on the stalks like there’s no tomorrow! Good job!


3) He wants to watch his favorite Youtube channels – Busy Beavers and Super Simple Things – on the laptop, the tablet and the phone. He normally watched what he wants – ABC’s, colors and numbers 1 to 10!


4) He is munching on these…


like gets one, moves back on the laptop where he watch his videos and comes back empty-handed and asking for a stalk, again and again. No complain here! 🙂


5) I always try to put his socks on whenever his asleep to keep him warm and of course to lessen his possible mosquito bites, and every time he moves in his sleep he’s trying to remove the thing on his toes!

He’s growing in front of my eyes, I’m afraid he’s slipping off my hands and proud at the same time that he is achieving his milestones.


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