Chronicles of a Young Wife: Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Ohayou gozaimasu! I’m feeling Japanese!


Yesterday, Watami opened its 3rd kitchen at the 6th level, East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza! Serving fresh, tasty and authentic Japanese food, Watami restaurants are like the little Japanese kitchens in the metro, giving the most sought after Japanese experience with their mouth-watering dishes!

Watami is an internationally known Japanese Causal Restaurant with over 700 stores in Asia which is #1 in Japan.

The Interior

Watami, Shangri-la Plaza branch not just serve authentic Japanese cuisine, they also cater a good modern Japanese-inspired interior, perfect for hanging out!

There is the island couch that could sit a couple of grouped diners without compromising comfort.

Leather couches, nipa-inspired cushion chairs, wooden facades and textured white spot backdrop are the highlights of its interior giving a homey feel and makes you wanna loosen up and be Japanese.

Well lit – perfect for meet ups

Free Wifi – so you’re not alone even when you dine ala cart

The Powder Room

Japanese inspired #selfie!

Mirror, spacious and more mirror. 😛

The Menu

They serve wide variety of authentic dishes from Japan infused with special sauces, secret spices and some white ninjas! lol Kidding aside, Watami offers

appetizers, salad, eggs

irodori sushi, sashimi, maki, tokyo don, 

deep fried


meats – chicken, pork and beef

Udon, soba, ramen and seafood dishes




my favorite among the bunch, hot pot

and my latest Watami discovery – Yakult drinks!

On a budget? You could still experience the great authentic dishes from Watami as they serve 9 classic Japanese dishes on their Lunch Menu that comes with salad, miso soup and cold tea!

The “Stars” of our Table!

Hot tea were served while we choose our drinks and food from the Lunch menu.

What I got?

Passionfruit Mango Tea – Php145.00

Black Pepper Beef With Rice in Stone Pot Set – Php325.00

What Beth got?

Mango Yakult – Php150.00

Teriyaki Chicken Steak Set – Php375.00

Since I can’t leave the house without mom and babe, I decided to order for them separately as they are outside of the bloggers event, what mom got?

Beef Rice with Hot Spring Egg Set – Php295.00

Aside from the lunch set, we were also treated with

Self Grilled Short Ribs – Php 375.00


Beef Sukiyaki – Php425.00

Yes, Watami is a child-friendly restaurant!

Aside from having high-chairs for toddlers

They’re giving crayons and anime prints to be colored to tame hungry little ninjas,


like JC!

Excited to eat as ever!

The Staff

The glowing newly-wed GM, the young wife and the beautiful PR.


Special mentions to Kei




and the receptionist girl who gave baby coloring materials! 🙂

You could also visit Watami in Glorietta 2 and SM Mall of Asia.

Follow Official Watami Ph on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*Some photos were from WatamiPh Facebook page.


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