Food Trip: Barrio Fiesta, Baguio City

We spent our first night at El Cielito Inn and our second night at Casa Vallejo.

With our family and friends disturbing our honeymoon. hee hee

Just a walk was the Barrio Fiesta on top of the Igorot Stairs.

Circa 2010

We opt to eat somewhere else before as I wanna stroll down Session Road. Four years after, visiting this road again, I still opted to stroll down Session Road to look for a place to eat. All restaurants lining up the road were full including the local Jack’s, then I remembered the famous 50’s Diner. Famous as it was, the waiting list is so long, we tried to walked it through PKNY with our last resort – the pizza parlor – is but closed. We finally gave up and decided to try go back to Divine Inn and just ate somewhere near it. Baguio city’s Barrio Fiesta branch says “Hello!”.


Simple table setting. Napkin holders made of bamboo. Chairs made of knitted rattan and bamboo.



I always remember the beach whenever I look up the ceiling. Maybe it’s because of that pattered cawayan. Neat.



Baby’s afraid of the statues that holding this building together. haha


My dates. Our last Saturday in Baguio, the night of March 15th. My last Saturday.


Friendly staff.


The food was presented nicely and was delicious.




The meat is so soft, it falls off the bone.


The ambiance was good. The food was sooo good the rice that comes with the “binalot” meal was not enough! haha The giant statues are a good touch to this branch since it has a touch of Cordillera in it. 🙂


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