Chronicles of a Young Wife: Make it The Best School Year Ever Only with Sunkist Saya

It’s the beginning of yet another school year, the time to pack the swimsuits, travel guides, and suitcases, and replace them with uniforms, textbooks, and school bags. For students, this can be a stressful time for transitions. Here are a few tips on beating the back-to-school blues.

Prepare early. While it’s fun to soak in the sun during vacation, it’s best to prepare for school in advance by making sure everything is on hand, such as school uniforms, school supplies, and so on. It’s also best to familiarize yourself with your schedule and even with your new classmates and teachers before the first day of classes start. Being prepared makes you feel like you are ready for anything, therefore taking away any dread that the new school year may bring.

Sunkist Apple 240mL FA

Sunkist Lemon

Set goals. Jump into activities you’ve always wanted to do. Whatever your goals may be – getting higher grades, joining different clubs and organizations, or getting into a new sport – it’s all about signing up, giving these activities a try, and pushing yourself even harder. So psych yourself and do all that you can to achieve those goals by the end of the year.

Sunkist Lemon 240mL FA

Sunkist Apple

Have a back to school get-together with your friends. The best way to kick-off the school year is by spending time with the people who get you through the toughest of times. The get-together could be something as simple as watching your favorite movie, or even simply hanging out at the mall and catching up.

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Sunkist Orange

Beat the blues by sharing a smile. Make it a habit to find the sunshine in your day by sharing good vibes with everyone you encounter. Start with a bottle of Sunkist Carbonated Juice (CJ) Drink. With three exciting flavors to choose from, Orange, Lemon, and Apple, it’s the right fizz you need to jumpstart your school year with a smile. With Sunkist, every moment is truly a Sunkist Saya! moment. 

While it may be hard to say goodbye to summer, beat the blues all year round with Sunkist Carbonated Juice Drink!


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