Chronicles of a Young Wife: Frontrow’s Luxxe Slim

Lose that flab.
Luxxe Slim is challenging you to lose it. Main ingredients are L-Carnitine and green tea, this product promises slimmer, healthier body without exercise. Luxxe Slim is Php 2,980.00 for 60 capsules and is taken 1-2capsules every day after meals.
L-Carnitines helps transport fatty acids into energy producing units in the cells hence fat is converted to energy. In short, it increases use of fat as an energy source. It also enhances the effect of vitamins C and E needed for maintaining good health. Adequate amount L-Carnitine is also an effective way to avoid diabetes, kidney and liver diseases.
Green tea on the other hand is worldwide known for its antioxidant properties that lowers the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers.
After taking this for a month, I could vouch you that this really works. It did help me lose the flab a bit. Maybe if I took it with regular exercise, the result would be better. On the other hand, I think this is kind of expensive for a duo of L-Carnitine and Green Tea extracts only. Including glutathione on the equation would justify the price but unfortunately it doesn’t.
On the long run, this product tend to upset my stomach. Maybe it did its job of removing what was on the crevices of the intestine and after that, it’s just loose bowel movement, I just finish this bottle and rest.
There are other brands out there that are way cheaper than this one, with the same ingredients and effect. If money is not a problem to you and you can’t wait to look out for cheaper alternative, then you could give this product a try. I’m excited to try other products Frontrow offers such as the grapeseed and Luxxe White!
And if you do too, shoot a query on the comment section below and I will get back at you with the details of my Frontrow dealer!

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