Chronicles of a Young Wife: Edmark’s Red Yeast Coffee

Red yeast rice, beet root and barley powder – these are what this coffee is made of. Not your ordinary 3-in-1, made from imported premium coffee beans, this is an excellent blend that rejuvenates and revitalizes our body and mind. Perfect for starting the day on a healthy note without compromising our love for caffeine.


“A cup of Healthy Coffee a day keeps the doctor AWAY.”

Benefits of Red Yeast Coffee:

1- It reduces bad cholesterol and triglycerides

2- It raises levels of good cholesterol

3-It enhances circulation of the blood and digestion

4-It soothes abdominal pain

5-It invigorates the function of the spleen

6-It has anti-oxidant

7-It has anti-aging properties

Deep full-bodied with a complex flavor that is bold and unanticipated. This coffee’s intensity has a crisp finish that lingers in your taste buds. You can’t help but just get another cup of Red Yeast Coffee.

Although some herbal coffee makes my dad palpitate, it’s good to announce that he loves his Red Yeast coffee since he hasn’t had sudden acceleration of the heart. 😉 I personally enjoy this hot cup right before bedtime, as it sends warm yummy calmness without leaving me up all night.

You could get this at Php355.00 for a box of 20 sticks. Also,this coffee is included on Edmark’s Power 4 Healthy Slimming Program that I’ll be sharing in a while. Stay tuned! 🙂


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