Chronicles of a Young Wife: Launch of the New Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer

Another breakthrough technology had been launched at Manila Marriott Hotel last October 19.

Before the program began, cocktails and platters were served for the delegates and we started taking photos including selfies that you probably seen posted a couple of days back! We were seated at table number

The center piece is simple yet elegant and the ambiance is relaxing – cool magenta light, purplish orchids and high ceiling with soft carpet.


Our table setting

is telling me that we are on to something scrumptious. :)) The event haven’t started yet and we were served with this

Appetizer: Vegetable Crudities and Marriott Cheesecake

After several minutes the host started the program by asking us what did we take – the cheesecake or the veggies? I did both. After the program and presentations, we were served with

Soup: Roasted Pumpkin Pine Nuts and Coriander with Bread Rolls

Main Course: Grilled Rib Eye and Seared Tiger Prawn with Truffle Mashed Potatoes and Oven Roasted Vegetable Stacks (Zucchini, Eggplant, Carrot and Green Bell Pepper)


Desserts: Creme Brulee Perfumed with Grand Marnier and Florentine Sticks


Espresso Infused Tiramisu with Cruchy Ladyfinger

The event was glorified by the founder and CEO, celebrities like Ms. Pia Magalona who signed the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future Declaration along with other dentists and delegates.

This is  the star of the night – our sweet tooth’s new bff!

We took home a box of armor against cavities.

IMG_20141020_203730 IMG_20141020_203737 IMG_20141020_203801

Yes, there is chocolate in there.

Now you could eat anything you dreamed of without the fear of cavity nightmare!

Beth of

We can wear our smiles confidently with new Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection  plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer!


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