Chronicles of a Young Wife: Johnson’s Global Time Report and Infographics

Bath Time Report -- PHILIPPINES (1)

Bath Time Report -- PHILIPPINES (2)

Click the links below to see more infographics about Johnson’s #SoMuchMore campaign.

Johnson’s Paving the way For a Brighter Future

Science of the Sense — Smell and Touch

The Power of Bath Time

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*About the Survey
The JOHNSON’S® Global Bath Time Report was sponsored by JOHNSON’S® and conducted online by Harris Poll in November 2014 among 3,574 parents of 0-3 year olds aged 21 and older in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Philippines, UK and US (484+ per country and 500 in the Philippines). To access the full survey results, contact us.
As the Company’s flagship sustainability program in the Philippines, JOHNSON & JOHNSON BRIGHTER FUTURE™ takes a multi-pronged and collaborative approach towards saving and improving the lives of mothers, infants and young children. JOHNSON & JOHNSON BRIGHTER FUTURE™ reflects the Company’s citizenship and sustainability priorities in the Philippines, of addressing maternal and infant mortality, waste management and recycling. It is a commitment to accelerate the achievement of Millennium Development Goals four and five and is also a call for collective action: that together we can and will leave our world a little better than when we found it for the benefit of our Nation’s babies.
For years, JOHNSON’S® has been committed to the happy and healthy development of all babies. Going beyond safe, mild and gentle products, the brand believes in enriching baby care rituals that unlock and release the full power of the senses. Nothing is more important to JOHNSON’S® than ensuring a stimulating start and a vibrant future for babies around the world and empowering families and health care professionals. Because JOHNSON’S® knows, when it comes to bringing up baby, more is more. As the No. 1 baby skin care brand for over 100 years, JOHNSON’S® has been advancing baby science and setting the standards in baby care. JOHNSON’S® offers baby and adult products in over 175 countries.

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