Chronicles of a Young Wife: Lunch at Tootsie’s Tagaytay

We want to try something new in Tagaytay. We skip our usual RSM stopover and drive a bit further, randomly stopping on a small restaurant that first caught our attention – and that is, as the title goes, – Tootsie’s!


The interior of this restaurant was very homey, vintage-inspired with a touch of antique Filipino pride like chimes of wooden pigs, carabaos, fishes and more.


The structure itself is quite old and a bit rusty but that just add a touch of art and history to this place. The smell of lemongrass entices your senses to the local Filipino dishes that they offer in a very affordable price.


Unfortunately, I hadn’t got the time to take photos of our orders; but the star of our table, the Beef Bulalo really pulls off my expectation of tender meat and savory broth.




The crews were very friendly; they even give toddlers special treats. Clyde was happy to get a hold of a big chocolate lollipop for dessert! And their restrooms are satisfactory clean.


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