Chronicles of a Young Wife: Pablo Picasso brings “Goooal!: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic” to the Philippines

Yes, strange as it may sound, in the words of Fundación Santiago’s executive director, Chaco Molina, it was no less than the Spanish genius Picasso who made possible the holding in the Philippines of “Goooal!: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic”.


“It’s a long story. Some years back Fundación Santiago brought to the Philippines, for the first time, a collection of works by Pablo Picasso—The Suite Vollard,” according to Molina who went on to elaborate that, “It was a joint undertaking with MAPFRE Foundation who for said occasion came in the company of their partner the Fundación Real Madrid (the CSR arm of Real Madrid CF) who, in turn, was looking for collaborative opportunities in Asia.”


That casual yet fortunate encounter led to more conversations, e-mail exchanges, visits to Manila from Madrid and vice versa—and the final visit last September ofFundación Real Madrid coach Miguel Angel Montoya. He flew in to initiate 18 Filipino coaches on a holistic paradigm on football and inclusive development, the Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School (Escuela Socio Deportiva).

Children Batangas1

In order to sustain the operations of the aforementioned Social Sports School, Fundación Real Madrid and Fundación Santiago agreed to further their partnership by hosting in the Philippines a fundraiser, “Goooal!: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic”.

Children Batangas3

Goooal!, as it is known for short, is a football campus for the lovers of the beautiful game, ages 7 to 18, proceeds of which will go to Fundación Santiago’s Volun2rism Program, primarily the Social Sports School being one of its components.

Fundación Santiago is a Filipino, private, not-for-profit, DSWD accredited organization established in 1993 to help bring about the vision of the compleat Filipino, a person who, through knowing himself, is able to develop his own person and the others around him.

Children Batangas2

It currently runs two programs; the Community Based Heritage Tourism (CBHT) and Volun2rism (V2M). On the one hand, CHBT is an inclusive, bottom-up approach towards poverty alleviation in a manner that not only promotes but rests on the cultural, historical and environmental wealth of a specific locality. On the other, V2M offers both standard and tailor-fit packages wherein travellers have a unique opportunity to share their time, talent, technology, and treasure with their less fortunate brothers and sisters while experiencing our country’s rich culture and heritage.

“Goooal!” is supported by the Philippine Sports Commission, Spanish Embassy in Manila, MAPFRE-Insular, Roxas Holdings Inc., Interaksyon, Lifeline and San Carlos Power.

Photo courtesy:

Fundación Santiago: Children of The Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School in Nasugbu, Batangas

Fundación Real Madrid: Real Madrid players during a football game

For more info, you may contact Cheska Lacson, Resource Mobilization Officer of Fundación Santiago at E: | M: +63936 -9677660 | T: 696-2457


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