Chronicles of a Young Wife: Retire Rich: Financial Planning for Retirement Webinar

  • Retire Rich: Financial Planning for Retirement Webinar
    June 6, 2015
    11:00 am – 1:00 pm

After the success of the first run of the “Retire Rich: Financial Planning for Retirement Webinar” last February 7, 2015, and due to popular request especially by those who missed the event, we are having a repeat / re-run of this exact same webinar on June 6, 2015 (Saturday), from 11AM to 1PM.

retire rich webinar

Retirement is something that a lot of people look forward to. More often than not, we imagine ourselves enjoying our retirement years traveling around the world, and enjoying life to the fullest with our loved ones.

However, it’s ironic that not a lot of people actually plan for their retirement. All they do is daydream, but never take action today to make those dreams a reality.

And this is what the Retire Rich: Financial Planning for Retirement Webinar will help you achieve. This online seminar will help you make informed financial decisions to retire comfortably in the future.

After attending, you will have the necessary skills to create a personalized retirement plan and understand how investments play a key role to achieving your retirement goals.

Webinar Details:

Date: June 6, 2015 – Saturday
Time: 11AM to 1PM
Registration Fee: P1500

Who should attend this webinar?

If you want to learn how to retire rich, then this is for you, but most especially:

  • OFW’s who would like to finally retire and go home to their family
  • Parents who would like to avoid depending on their children when they retire
  • Young professionals who would like to secure their financial future

What will I learn from this online seminar?

This 2-hour webinar will discuss the following topics:

  1. How to plan for your retirement
  2. How to build a strong financial foundation
  3. How to define proper retirement goals
  4. How to choose the right investments
  5. How to create your investment portfolio for retirement

What will I get if I register?

All paid participants will receive the following:

  1. Exclusive access to the live streaming video of the webinar
  2. A video file recording of the webinar
  3. A copy of the slides shown during the webinar
  4. The questions and answers summary from the webinar
  5. Retirement planning Excel worksheets
  6. Bonus reading materials and references
  7. Our Community Partner,, will also be giving away free 2-month raket premiums to all attendees. (Click HERE to know more about

Who is teaching in this webinar?

Fitz Villafuerte is a Registered Financial Planner and the author of the book, The Ready To Be Rich Guide to Investing.

He has been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

He is a resource speaker for corporate and socio-civic organizations in the country. He has appeared in several TV programs like ANC On The Money, where he has been a guest many times and talked about wealth management and investing.

The best way to know him, aside from going around his popular blog, is to search his name “Fitz Villafuerte” on Google and YouTube to read and watch his interviews.

With host, Edric Mendoza, in ANC On The Money

Other FAQs:

What is a webinar?
It’s an online video seminar. All you need to attend is a computer, a good internet connection and speakers or earphones (so you can hear him talk). This is great because you can learn at the comfort of your own home, wherever you are.

What if I’m not available on June 6?
You can still register, because after the webinar, we will send a video copy of the presentation to all paid registrants. This will be a video file that you can watch on your computer again and again.

Is there a deadline for registration?
The deadline for registration is June 4, or when all the 100 slots are sold out.

If you need help or have questions about the registration and payment process, please contact Janice Sabitsana
Mobile: 0925-562-4526.

(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCRRWRERUN) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.


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