Chronicles of a Young Wife: Johnson’s #PlayForReal

What’s inside Jerson Clyde’s #playforreal Sensory Toolkit?


This cute little wooden Sensory Bin


Activity Ideas Booklet, Food Coloring – in red, orange and blue, Colored Pebbles


Beach Toys – this orange rubber fish and ducky and of course, these Johnson’s Baby products: cornstarch powder, regular cologne, baby oil, milk bar soap and Johnson’s baby active lines products which includes active fresh shampoo, active fresh bath and active fresh powder.


This special toolkit will help us parents to be equipped, empowered and inspired to enrich our child’s day and have a fun quality time together, one little and easy activity at a time!


If you have Johnson’s baby products and want to try this #playforreal activity ideas, you could improvise materials, keep your eyes peeled and check this blog out as we both unravel logical science while encouraging him to learn about the world using his enticed senses.


Gadget-free quality time together is quite unique this days of high-technology and digital world. And, moms like me who still prefer the traditional ways of learning is thankful for this bright idea from Johnson’s Baby! Albeit the fact that I sometimes rely on Youtube, Baby TV and Disney Junior to keep the toddler accompanied, while learning lessons as I do my chores and deadlines, there really is a must for every busy parents to hang out with our kids – making them learn while having fun.

Active play foster bond between parents and kids aside from waking their senses. Play time is indeed so much more!


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