Chronicles of a Young Wife: Preschool at the Fort Soft Launch

Looking for the right school is a personal thing, for me it’s like searching for your soulmate, like the right OB-Gyne and pedia doctor. There must be that sparkle, the feeling of comfort and ease; because after all, the experience is private and personal.

TBH, I’m torn on whether to homeschool Clyde (because we travel a lot) or just let him attend conventional school (because as of now, I don’t have enough time). First off, I’m wham-ing (work-at-home mom with no helper) and I ebf my almost two-month nursling (exclusive breastfeeding without pump; I patronize breastfeeding yet I hate the pump, what a convenience! But that’s another story).

Preschool technically means before school, so even when I’m so eager to make Clyde learn to read, write and do the math right away, I want to take it easy on him.

Having said that, I rely on Disney Junior’s High Five, Baby TV and Youtube’s The Mother Goose Club to do some teachings. One guilty mom here! So when Ms. May of FullyHousewifed invites moms with toddler to try Preschool at the Fort, I immediately said yes.

the calm before the storm…

Preschool that focuses on play is enough for kids to prepare themselves for real school. By play, means practicing children’s social skills, includes actively moving around which will strengthen their gross and fine motor skills.

Teacher Edgar reminds us to bring a bottle of water, towelette and extra shirt so apparently, Preschool at the Fort offers play-based learning – the best early childhood education practice. It is learning less the stress and more of the fun. They cater kids 3-5 years old to explore their environment, discover things while encouraging their talent. Learn based on their strength, do activities where they are good at, and support their interest be it music, art, numbers, etc.

I liked the idea of play-based learning. It is logical to think that the best way to get the toddler interested on learning is while they are having fun in a relaxed environment. No stress yet, besides they’re just toddlers, let them have fun, let them be. I now strongly believe in the idea of stress-free environment especially after reading the recent news about this tragedy.

I learned that what happens on the first years of life is a crucial factor of what they will become as adults. That is the reason why I breastfeed Clyde for the first 6 exclusive months and let him self-wean at age 3. That is also why I like Preschool at the Fort.

Early Years Learning Framework of Preschool at the Fort focuses on

  • Children’s Identity – the school addresses gender-biased point of view
  • Overall Well Being – physically and emotionally
  • To be a Contributing Citizen to Their World
  • Effective Communicators – socializing
  • Involved Learners – give and take relationship of teacher and student

Circle Time with Parents

The soft launch started with Kinder Music by Teacher Charis. Turns out, Teacher Charis is a professional singer and a pianist too.


Fast and Slow, Up and Down Dance with Teacher Cecille and Teacher Lei

Storytelling starred my kid – Farmer Clyde. Farmer Clyde who run around while the group sat on a circle – his classmates listening. My sister Beth told me, he is listening too while running around, he even answered correctly at times. I had a hard time making Clyde follow the crowd. Not because he doesn’t know anything about Wheels on the bus and the Finger Family, heck, Incy Wincy is his best bud! But because he is intimidated by other toddlers; he is not used on sharing his adult’s attention to others, that is why he is trying to go against the flow. As much as I want to start him schooling, I think he’s not ready yet, maybe next year? I had to start on doing something about his social skills first or else he will tire out his teachers and suck everyone’s energy. Oh Lloydie! The lesson ended in a song and a prayer too.

The best part about Preschool at the Fort aside from its relaxed environment, is that they are not very particular in taking school work at home aka homework. Schoolwork stays at school. Who wants burned out toddlers anyway? Plus, it may dismay them on entering the world of proper education, turn off their enthusiasm to learn because homework at this stage is just an unnecessary pressure.

Learn more about Preschool @ The Fort here:

For more information contact:

Edgar Cartera
Administrator – Preschool @ The Fort
0917 528 3933
0998 554 2982
(02) 510 8603
Preschool @ The Fort is on the third floor of Treston International College.

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