Chronicles of a Young Wife: OPENSNAP Shakey’s at Market! Market!

Best way to bond with the family is at Shakey’s Market! Market! table eating comfort food aka pizza and pasta combo! With my mom’s Shakey’s Supercard, the experience is better!

My fancy Shakey’s greek salad – romaine lettuce, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with feta cheese!

We love fresh ingredients from our Shakey’s Manager’s Choice pizza – green bell pepper, black olives and sweet white onions! Chunk of beef meatballs are huge, melting cheese and crisp pepperoni makes our pizza protein rich!

Family bonding is sweeter when ended with this Banana Peach Surprise!

Don’t forget to ask the friendly crew to serve this for later, so you could talk about how hot Philippine weather is and still eat the ice cream too!

Want more mouth-watering comfort? Head on to OpenSnap!


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