Chronicles of a Young Wife: OPENSNAP Vikings, SM Megamall

This is Vikings in Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. The eat-all-you-can buffet that everyone is raving about! Why, almost every food I think and crave of is in here!

From fresh prawns, cream of dory, spicy chicken and hakaw

to delectable desserts like this

and this.

Bubblegum flavored ice cream, anyone?

This taho is perfect! Resist-to-the-bite sago, creamy mango! Good source of protein for my pregnant-then self.

The coffee saved me from feeling too stuffed. California maki and cakes – what a pregnant mind wants the pregnant tummy gets!

These are just some from the dessert department! Can you imagine eating more?

Aside from everything unlimited, the show kitchens are amazingly decorated with food, staff are very friendly too. They would even suggest on what to put on your hot pot! The ceilings are high, good music and clean powder room. The island tables are wide with soft-cushioned chair – just what you need when you are busy with friends pretending to be vikings! Arghhh! (Oh dear, why do I sound more like a pirate?)

When you have a huge appetite, then Vikings is a must try buffet for you! This buffet and more when you download Opensnap!

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

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