MBF: My 5 Newborn-Mom Must Haves!

I would have entitled this as “My 5 Newborn-Mom Must Haves to Look Fashionable”. Naks! Pero I don’t have the courage to call myself fashionista. Oh goodness, no. It would’ve been better if it’s “My 5 Newborn-Mom Must Haves to Look Decent Enough” – that’s way way better but, it’s too long! So as you could see, I just ended my title in an exclamation mark – to make it look more exciting? I honestly don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, this episode of MBF (Mommy brain fart) is a loud stinky one!

If you have errands to do (buy nappies) , a meeting with the clients (in my case, site inspection before concrete pouring or meet up with Architects and homeowners) , go strolling or just a life to live – what will you do?

Easy. Take a shower. Do your night/morning ritual ala Fowler sisters on Youtube in front of your vanity mirror. Plan your clothes and change your outfit like 10x more before finally deciding that your planned #ootd clothes would be the best bet afterall.

That is, if you are single, or have that luxury of time.

Oh, so you are a mom? Of course this is meant for moms! The title specifically called out Newborn-Moms, right?

First off, this post is not for the fashionista moms who have the power to look good in seconds (Hi Beth! No this one’s definitely not for you!). Fashionista moms have that God-given talent to look good in a minute with just the resources available – and unfortunately, I overslept when God showered this Aphrodite good looks and ability.

This is also not for the rich moms who have yayas for houseworks, whistle blowers for dogs, architects for gardens, and nannies for babies. #bittermuch? Yep, including moms whose partners are the good-for-nothing CEO of a huge company or a bootless government official. No, not even for the synonyms of Bonnie and Clyde’s life of crime, like having a corrupt lord of the baddest syndicate for a husband and the perks of having goons as bodyguards. 

This is for the mere mortals. Muggles. Newborn moms – impecunious in money, resources, time and sleep.

My only power is carrying a gorgeous newborn in my arms



while tugging along a sharp-witted toddler,

Clyde. (What’s with the adjectives? Like we always say here in Makati – Mahalin Natin, Atin Ito! with a hashtag #proudmum) The rest I have to make up and fill in.

Here are my personal arsenal weapons to battle days when I need to interact and possibly socialize with other humans other than my offsprings. Hey, I’m a wahm and I could do business with only my undies on! #tmi

  • Small accessory purse – this tip, I learned from Beth. Grab a chic looking purse – be it pink, polka dots, glittery, textured, with lots of pockets, or (for frugal moms) just your neglected one zipper coin purse; and put all your everyday accessories in there. A pair or two of stud earrings and rings or your wedding band. Bracelets too, just avoid the spiky ones – you don’t want to poke your baby. Skip chandelier earrings – those tiny hands are good for grabbing and they don’t easily let go.  Necklace. Worrying if your necklace would tangle up? Use a powder to untangle. Or be a wise chic that you usually are and use a straw. Just insert your necklace inside the straw and lock it up. Carefully fold the straw to fit inside your purse. Now you could put your blings on while the red traffic light is telling you to stop.

Pouch 24033

Pink Tequilla

  • Dry Shampoo – Today, skipping shower doesn’t mean you have to swag greasy stinky locks, thanks to this innovative human invention – the dry shampoo (aka baby powder for frugal moms). #beentheredonethat

Skinfood Morning Tea Dry Shampoo in Pepper Mint

  • Makeup Pouch with Versatile Products – When you got a newborn and a toddler in tow, you got small space for your own goods. Two size diapers, wet wipes and tissues take a lot of space on my shared bag (sometimes I’m too tired, more like too lazy to organize a separate bag for the bebes), buti na lang breastfeeding ako so I’m saved from having thermal bottle, feeding bottles and milk powder storage (at aaminin ko na, nakakatamad maghugas at magsterilize ng bote, (#momentoftruth) I have more important things to do, wika nga). To make things more organized and accessible, aside from having your little accessories purse, you must have a makeup pouch. I prefer makeup pouch with mirror na, para pouch pa lang versatile na!

Just like this L’oreal Makeup Pouch from my November BDJ Box Elite: Holiday Glam Extraordinaire! What’s inside my Versatile Makeup Pouch? Versatile Makeup Products.

  • Sunglasses – There are ordinary sleepless days, then there are super-duper-to-the-max sleepless lazy days, tipong buong gabi umiyak si baby because of colic. When all else fails, wear a shade. Dark eyebags hidden. I could even stare back at nosy people (those whose looks are screaming wonders of “why on earth do I look like a hot mess?” yet short of getting the clue: newborn on arms)  without them knowing I’m checking them out too (with a possible unadulterated comments on the back of my mind) plus, I look cool on it too! Everyone does. What’s even better is, if both of you are donning the shades! What brand’s  more astoundingly gorgeous on men than Oakley? It screams active lifestyle! Cradling a baby to sleep is the new hunky sport and the one who let the baby belch the fastest is a super dad expert!Chainlink Sunglasses

Oakley Chainlink

Browse for more Oakley shades from Zalora here.

  • Scarf/Shawl –  if you are like me and don’t have the luxury of time to think about the clothes you will wear, you tend to just grab whatever is on the top of your drawer and put your mama pjs on aka leggings (stains are well hidden on a black leggings) and a cute girly-girl ballet shoes (that appointment for pedicure could wait for a month or so, or until the ingrowns are pulsating). Lazy guide 101 will tell you that to make the look complete, more fashion forward and polished, add a scarf or shawl. Infinity shawls are a good investment too! Plus, for breastfeeding moms like me, this is a good way to cover up as scarves are thinner and lightweight hence the babe will not cry foul from extreme heat.

Mary Two Toned Scarf

Mary Two Toned Scarf

These things make me feel decent enough in public, travelling or just outside home. Nakakaloka nga minsan, kasi nga kapag kausap ako sa English ng sosyal na Pinoy (or someone I know who could understand Tagalog), sinasagot ko ng Tagalog (I save my English tongue for foreigners eh and I feel fake hearing myself talk in English kasi. Nawe-weirdan ako.)  I add a genuine smile and a warm hello na lang to top it all off. Although

We have to feel good about ourselves too. We definitely deserve these feeling of satisfactions even on mundane things and apparently, swiping a full on lipstick gives me a high orgy – a sense of power, pure bliss. We deserve this because we are giving our hundred percent for the family.

Moms, we are not perfect; we’ll never be, but we are supers!

Have anything else to add in this list? Any tips for sleep deprived parents? Fart below!


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