MBF: Synonyms ng Pagkain & Mome Nursing Wear!

Ang synonyms o kasing-kahulugan ng Pagkain:

Sa mga sumo wrestlers ay unlimited rice.

Sa mga gutom ay extra rice.

Sa diet, half rice.

Sa mga die-t, no rice.

Sa mga health conscious, red rice.

Sa mga asians, noodles.

Sa mga italians, pasta.

Sa sweet tooth, candy.

Sa mga babies?


Dede – pwedeng breastmilk, pwede ding bote.

Sa paningin ni baby, ang dede ay pagkain.

Sa paningin mo?


Hello world! This episode of stinky Mommy Brain Fart is brought by spoiled food/issue circulating online about breastfeeding!

Yours truly, breastfeeding in public.

The issue:


The Stance of:

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.08.49 PM

The Fart:

Disclaimer — When I was still single, kahit babae ako, naa-awkward ako when seeing moms breastfeeding in public. I’m not used on seeing people being okay to somewhat expose  their private body parts in public. I cannot connect/relate because as sad as it can be, I’m a bottle-fed baby. Kaya naiintindihan ko somewhat ang feeling nang naa-awkward kapag nakakakita ng nagpapadede.

What I did? I turn away. Hindi ko tinititigan kasi alam ko it’s their right and it’s NORMAL for moms to feed hungry babies. It’s natural, people!

Then I became a mom. Dun ko lang na-gets. At nakakakita pa rin ako ng nagpapa-breastfeed na walang cover.

What I do? I turn away. Hindi ko tinititigan kasi alam ko it’s their right and it’s NORMAL for moms to feed hungry babies. It’s natural, people!


Now that I am a mom, I chose to breastfeed exclusively for six months, without pumps.

Yes, both babies are/will be exclusively breastfed for six months. Clyde self-weaned after 3 years and I intend to do just the same for Dave.

Without pumps. This means I breastfeed in everywhere including the dreaded public.

About this photo: Clyde here is only a week’s old. After visiting his Pedia, we went to eat out. See the jacket? This was taken when we were still in Baguio and yes, I cover him up because it’s cold and if my memory serves me right, there’s a storm brewing that time. The baby Clyde didn’t mind the cover as he is feeling warm and fuzzy.


I have been featured on Chronicles of a Nursing Mom’s Mothering Earthlings Confessional: Breastfeeding Bloopers! Read more about it here.

More about my stance on breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding here.


I cover up, and it’s hard to do after we transfer here in Makati. I breastfeed in public at kahit nasa loob ka ng mall, minsan super init lang talaga.

Kapag walang cover, I make sure I breastfeed sa mga secluded area like corner table, kung saan may poste minsan pa nga I propped the stroller, or anything like chair to block the view. I don’t seek the public’s attention, I only want to feed my hungry little baby. The earlier they latch, the better. Sound sleep, full tummy, no cries, no scandal.

If before, breastfeeding moms have to struggle to find comfortable breastfeeding-friendly clothes, now moms have plenty of stores to shop and find the perfect mothering clothes like Mome!

Mome focuses on nursing wear apparels for very affordable prices!

While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the BEST choice for every BABY. – Amy Spangler

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Everytime we eat and go,
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No more hiding under the thick hot cover,
#baby‘s foul cries for extreme heat are over.
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Of course there are days that I don’t wear maternal clothes aka dating gawi. Always discreet lang ako pagbreastfeeding time na. Kapag nabreastfeed na si baby Dave, tignan niyo naman ang sarap ng tulog niya kahit ang kulit ni Kuya Clyde, maingay sa food court and busyng busy ang mommy niya magselfie!

I don’t discriminate moms who bottle-fed their babies, because we do what’s best for our kids, and that “best” also depends on our circumstances. What’s important is that we do our best to do our role as a mother.

Bakit daw hindi ko iwan? I-bottle feed ko daw. Sanaying wala ako…

I wear my kids, do exclusive breastfeeding, bring them everywhere I go, because I’m a mom.

Truth be told, nights are long, but years? Years are short.

Ambilis, dati I have a love-hate relationship with my#braxtonhicks, ngaun 3 years old na si Clyde, may little brother Dave pa. See?

I want to be with them and share them everything -including my time.

To witness all their firsts, because next thing I know, they’ll be in College, or better yet, creating their own sets of families.



Kapag sobrang iyak ni Dave, sinasabe ni Clyde “Maybe he wants to dede, mommy. He’s hungry!” and one time I saw him as if padede-dehin niya si Dave.

Let’s celebrate motherhood and support what’s best for our babies out there.

The first best things for babies is her mother.

Her mother’s love, her mother’s warm embrace and her mother’s warm milk.

If kaya mong magbreastfeed do it.

If circumstances don’t allow you, i-bottlefeed.


To sum it all up:

Exactly. Nakakapagod magpa-breastfeed kasi aside from being a wife, mum to toddler, house chores and work deadlines, my body is also busy making the ever precious gold liquid, but it’s all worth it!


The next time na makakita ka ng breastfeeding mom, please if you are not mature enough, look the other way.

The next time na makakita ka ng breastfeeding mom, please if you are brave enough, smile and commend her for doing what’s best for her baby.


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