Chronicles of a Young Wife: Organic Baby Wipes

Wet wipes are lifesavers especially for full-time work-at-home moms like me. Some of my favorite smart ways of using wet wipes-

  • removes makeup – whenever I feel so tired to do my usual night rituals, wet wipes are just at arm’s reach to do the stuff
  • on-spot cleaning of bags, shoes, belts, hard hats and steel toes
  • clean Egg, Grace and Ook’s dashboards and every nooks and crannies
  • seal envelopes

  • removes crayons and other marks on furnitures
  • clean toys
  • clean babies

Yes, I actually used wipes to clean my babies (toddler and newborn) – face, hands, privates and every nooks and crannies! So far no allergic reactions or rashes but I did worry/doubt right after I read that:

Some brands in the United States have recently been recalled, after USFDA discovered that some of the packaging may contain a type of bacteria that’s often antibiotic-resistant. – excerpts from

 I always support co-bloggers and I enjoy joining giveaways and contests online (so if you are holding one, please provide a link on the comment section and I’ll be right back at you on my free time – breastfeeding while joining) that being said, I also tried to join’s Organic Wet Wipes giveaway and tadah!

Story behind the photo:

Clyde: “mommy, mommy, are those for me?”

Me: “yes kuya, it’s for you and Dave. Wait, I’ll take a picture of it first.”

Clyde: “sama ako, akin yan eh..”



Thank you @vyjaedotcom for these#organicbabywipes, shared it with my preggy sistah @jamielelizabeth!

Our little gentlemen definitely deserves the gentlest baby wipes for their sensitive #baby skin!

@organicbabywipes has aloe vera and without harsh chemicals.

No parabens.
No alcohol.
No chlorine.

We are now down to the last sachet. I love the clean smell of aloe vera on my baby’s face and the cloth are soft even for babies skin. To be true for being frugal, I use this as the last to swipe baby’s face and bottom. It’s good to know that Organic Baby Wipes are available online and I will definitely add this on my online shopping list.


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