Chronicles of a Young Wife: UNO Premier Launches at BGC

Last October 10, Uno Premier (UNO stands for Unlimited Network of Opportunities) open its doors to the public at their new office at BGC. They started the party with a live band swooning guests to jazz.


Good news to all #UnoPremiere members! Up until October 17, you’ll get to enjoy these products twice as it will be sold on a buy-one-get-one basis! #B1G1

Some of their new offerings includes

  • NutriFab – pickled plum with probiotics and garcinia cambogia. How to: Eat one serving before lunch or dinner. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily.

  • 1st Health Choco 8 – chocolate drink with agaricus blazei murill mushroom, ginkgo biloba, colostrum, chlorella growth factor and docosahexaenoic acid.

  • 1st Health Cappuccino – with guyabano and moringa. !st health Cappuccino is a popular Italian drink. Name derived from the robe color of Capuchin friars, which is light to darkish brown with a white hood. Italians only take cappuccino during breakfast and on night outs but in other parts of the world, people take cappuccino anytime of the day.

  • ProCardio and Sante8berries – good for the heart and anti-cancer food supplements

  • 1st Health Prime Juice – with mangosteen and goji berries, two most powerful fruit in a juice today!
  •  Nuvelle – moisturizing, age-defying, whitening soap with shea butter and collagen.

With Sir William Barbo, President of Uno Premier

UNO Premier Office Preview at BGC Taguig


Now I wish I have a cabinet full of this goodies

My latest favorite chocolate drink –

Visit their latest office branch at the BGC, The Fort.


One thought on “Chronicles of a Young Wife: UNO Premier Launches at BGC

  1. Hi Gerilen. This is Paolo Florenda, PR consultant of UNO Premier. Kindly change all the UNO Premiere words in your blog post to UNO Premier. This is the correct spelling. Thank you!

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