Chronicles of a Young Wife: The Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 Pre-Event Talk

Last October 16, the Polons were invited to the pre-event of the biggest homeschool conference in the country held in CCF Multipurpose Hall. We grabbed the kids and were able to sit down before the program began.

The Jersons are all set for the Pre-Event of the #phc2015
#ReadyfortheWorld! Excited to see @rachaelcarman @DavisCarman and Atty. Mike Donnelly

The program was started with a prayer and welcomed remarks by Sir Edric Mendoza.

The event was hosted by Ms. PJ.

After having raffle prizes given away for the early birds and some random chosen numbers (yes, that’s how intense the program was!), we were serenaded by TMA teachers:

The first talk: “I Believe in Homeschooling” – Davis Carman discussed a compelling case for parents to believe in the power of homeschooling and shared the six new R’s to back it up. We were happy to go home with not just 6Rs but 7Rs of homeschooling.

Sir Davis Carman of #Apologia. #ReadyfortheWorld#PHC2015 Pre-Event

7R’s of Homeschooling

  1. Relationship – When two siblings fight for a pen during a Math session. What will you prioritize? Will you say cut it out boys. Go back to Math. (Prioritizing Math – which usually is the case). Or will you drop Math and resolve the conflict between the two. (Prioritizing Relationship – this is what we should do. Prioritize harmony and peace.)
  2. Read – These are privileges especially made for daddies but not limited to mommies. Reading aloud on children will encourage brain activity and imagination, plus this is a perfect opportunity for dads to bond with their kids after getting home from work.
  3. Reasoning – Allow them to think critically. If you were asked which one do you like, A or B? Throw back the question to your kid and say, “What do you think? Which one do you prefer?” and be amazed on the way he is thinking.
  4. Relevance – What you want them to learn circle and what they’re interested circle when intersected will reveal an overlap. That overlap is the important part of homeschool. In short, you start teaching them the things they are interested in.
  5. Rigor – 1+1=2. Don’t stop there. Challenge them. A little pressure goes a long way when it comes to teaching our kids.
  6. Resolve. – Problem/Solution. Mission/Purpose. Persevere. Be resolved to stay alive. Be resolved to stay in marriage. Be resolved to homeschool.
  7. Reliance to God for the Results – include God in all our endeavors including homeschooling.


Serenading guests with #TMA students Amber and Naomi “Ugoy ng Duyan” song.

Avelino sister’s singing to us “I love yous” in different languages! #livestreaming #phc2015#ReadyfortheWorld Pre-Event

Zyan playing a lively song on the piano.#homeschooled
#livestreaming #PHC2015 #ReadyfortheWorld Pre-Event

“Juggling a Tightrope” – Atty. Mike Donnelly focused on how fathers today should properly lead their families and serve God in an increasingly demanding and busy world.

Exercises for Hubby: Being Engaged – A Dad Who is There with Atty. Mike Donnelly.

“How to Really Live” – Rachael Carman talked about how should homeschool graduates approach life as they live home and launch their lives out in the big wide world.

Seek God * Love God * Know God * Serve God * Trust God

  • Live Passionately, Not Passively – Jim Elliot
  • Live adventurously, Not Safely – Mary Slessor
  • Live Intentionally, Not Randomly – Sundar Signh
  • Live Expectantly, Not despairingly – William Cary
  • Go! Change the World!

I’ll end this post with a family selfie right after the program.

Stay tuned for the post on the event itself- The Philippine Conference 2015: Ready for the World.


Know more about the speakers here:

Join their upcoming event inclusive of contests, google hangout, webinars and more on April 28, 2016 at

#ilovehomeschooling, #PHC2015, #ReadyfortheWorld.

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