MBF: Things I Recently Learned – The HARD WAY

As you all know, may pagka Tan-gee-ey ako. Late ka sa news, eto oh, eto pa isa.

Katulad ng nabasa ko sa isang complaint forum:

#yantaueh nakuha mo lang pera ko, d kna nagparamdam!”

Everybody sing with me!

“Don’t give up on me, baby!
Wala ka pang – kapalit…
Akala ko legit seller si Sis!
It’s written in her bio-
Authentic items for sale!
Don’t give up on us, baby!
We can still come through!”

In other news, check out my updated About and About Author page on www.Gerilen.WordPress.com
Napapakanta ako lately ha, in fairness! #gerilenmbf

New collection from #foldedandhungph

Waste Your Time Wisely.

In my case, waste your trust wisely. Isa na lang, bibingo na’ko!

Things I realized from this unfortunate event.

* Laida Magtalas is right. “Trust. Big word! Let’s talk about trust!” – hindi porket Sis ang tawag sayo eh Sister talaga turing sayo. Pwede din namang Sis in short for Sisa. Masi #sisa ka kakaisip na nabogus ka! Check!

* The one that got away by Katy Perry – theme song namin ng Php25,000.00 ko. “In another life, I will make you stay, so I don’t have to say you were the one that got away.”

* Wingardium Laviosa! Kaso I’m just a #muggle, how can I make my money fly back to me?!

*Kita mo masyado akong inspired sa Php25,000.00 ko, napapakanta tuloy ako… My second stanza of “Don’t Give Up On Us!”

“Don’t give up on me, baby!
Wala ka pang- kapalit…
Akala ko legit seller si Sis.
It’s written in her bio-
Authentic iphones for sale!
Don’t give up on us, baby!
We could still connect!”

Magkakaplatinum award pa ata ako pag ginawa ko tong debut album with a hashtag#iphoneorderkoperotshirtsangdumating

I sang it with my palms holding on to my wallet, looking at my ATM card. ATM card with zero balance, magsasara na BDO ko and wallet without cash. Pwede nang pumasa as mini photo album, puro pictures ang laman. Pwede na din ipasa sa BIR, puro resibo ang mga pockets! #ediwow Ipadala ko na lang din kaya sa kanya ang mga ‘to? Vote now if you want me to send my wallet to her too. Isama ko na din password ng ATM ko?!

Lemony Snicket is right. It’s a bad, bad world out there. Ako na ata ang Pinay version ni Violet Bauldelair.

Mas angat lang ako Kay Violet, siya #unfortunate lang, ako unfortunate na, engot pa. “Ang tanga lang!”

Recoiling trust is my prowess – I’m now doubting whether it’s a gift or a nuisance.

I now believe it’s more of the latter.

Train of thoughts, wrecked? As always. #gerilenmbf

#bogusph #scamph


Thank you sa help niyo ladies & gents! Hnd kasya lahat ng nagmessage kaht cropped, pero alam niyo na kung cno cno kayo. Sa lahat ng nag aabang, nagmemesage ng any update? wait lang po.

Demanding si Dave sa attention ko, at si Clyde gusto maging Super Hero na Cherry on top at sliced black olives lang ang food, papasa din daw sa kanya ang brown rice with sliced orinjit (oranges).

As for the Misis,
Magulo ang bag (si #wetnwild nagcapless sa pocket), buhol ang buhok (ubos na conditioner) at lobat ang cellphone (nawawala charger), buti may bagong tuping mga damit! TMI manen. #womenirl

#gerilenmbf #bogusph #scamph

I’ll end this post on a positive note:

Clyde came up to me and said:
“A flower, just for you!”
Such a sweetheart.

√ David of the day: #silverlining
Stay safe everyone. #landoph
Rt @ambiverteuphoricjeissee

Stay dry and happy mga kuya at ate. 🙂

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