MBF: Why Do Filipinos Love to Have Cebu Lechon During Parties?

What do you usually see in national festivities, holiday, weddings, parties and other special occasions? Cake for dedication. Pancit for long life. And lechon for the highlight! Lechon will scream high class, grande, the main attraction. Alta. Sosi. Tutyal!

Why Do Filipinos Love to Have Cebu Lechon During Parties?

Well, the answer might lie on the history down the road in the time when Spaniards colonize our dear beloved country. Lechon came from a Spanish word that means suckling pig. Six week old fed on it’s mother’s milk, these piglets were roasted whole slowly over charcoal usually reserved for special occasions.

Crispy skin. Tender meat. Flavorful. Juicy.

Lechon particularly in Cebu was now known worldwide, it’s a world-class cuisine especially authentic lechon like Manong’s Lechon Cebu!

Manong’s Lechon Cebu

The feast will be dull without you.

We merry, and we be merrier with you.

The music will be more nostalgic,

With you there’s certain magic.

The occasion, more remarkable, memorable,

when every mouthful of rice, there is your flavor.


For your Cebu lechon needs, you may contact Manong’s lechon Cebu at (632)475-6875, SUN: 0932-880-5600, GLOBE: 0927-783-9920. They deliver door-to-door within Metro Manila.

*All photos used in this post were Manong’s Lechon Cebu.


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