CYW: #ShareTheDelight with Chips Delight!

What do moms do when the kiddo broke his toy? When he missed his favorite show? When his pet fish died? We mourn with them, we make sure that they don’t go through this alone, we are with them. After wiping those bitter tears and pacifying those wild tantrums (or in some cases, heart-breaking silence with fluids leaking in their eyes, nose and mouth), we pick them up.
We pick up the sad, sad child.

We look straight into his poor tear-stricken eyes, lift a contagious curve in our lips, show our pearly whites and hand over a delightful treat.



The key of it all. Even moms can’t resist this one delightful treat – Chips Delight!

Perfect for keeping the silver lining shining through those dark days. And what’s more? It is believed that this Chocolate Chip Delight cookie can make the rainbow appear, and not just that, it’s a ticket to ride the unicorn along the rainbow’s magenta lane! Of course, its headed to the pots of lotsa gold (translated to wet kisses, bear hugs and squeals of laughter after the storm).

Oh, but to dream like a child.


Chips Delight is also created to keep your unicorns from turning into ogres, you don’t want to grip an ogre sliding down the road now, can you? So make sure your kids can pick themselves up when their superheroes are at work, or at home doing the laundry with


Perfect for keeping those *curves concave, those back straight and head high!


Chips Delight is one of the many proud products of Galinco food and beverages company. Their cookies are baked to Delight the cookie monsters inside the young and the young-at-hearts without sacrificing quality.

Want to ride the **rainbow’s indigo lane and pool to the nutty chocolate lava next time? Chill, relax, and grip your unicorn tight, because you need a Chips Delight Soft Brownie Cookies:
Entice your senses and imagination with Galinco’s Chip Delight cookies! You wouldn’t go empty because it comes in 11 Filipino favorite flavors:

Soft Brownie Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Striped Chocolate Chip Cookies
Butter Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies (No Added Sugar)
Rainbow Candy Cookies
Peanut and Caramel Chip Cookies
Striped Cappuccino Cookies
Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownies
Triple Chocolate Overload Cookies
Coffee Caramel Chip Cookies

Just a gentle reminder, if we can pick our kids with these delight, we moms surely can pick up ourselves too! These cookies are perfect paired with milk, hot chocolate, a cup of brewed coffee and even tea! I personally enjoy these cookies with a companion of a  good book. This simple treats could really cheer up anyone. Have a delightful treat with Chips Delight!


*lips smiling

**rainbow’s magenta and indigo lanes are hard to locate when your imagination juices are drying out, so follow the rainbow and like Chips Delight Philippines Official Facebook Page


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