Toddler’s Top 5 Today: Throwback Toddler

It’s been awhile since I wrote an update about my ever-growing toddler! When you’re a #wahm (work-at-home mom) or a freelancer, your everyday is extraordinary. Everyday is a special day. Why? Quality time with baby is unlimited. Whether I’m in a rush for a deadline or easy-going with my projects finished ahead of time, I’m with Clyde, and I’m happy to say, that now, when it is time for a site inspection, I’m with the hubby, Clyde and Dave. Since this post is a throwback, I’m gonna share some cute candid photos I dug up on my phone. These were taken a couple of months back, when Clyde still has tender knees. hihi
And what’s more fun than slapping cakes with my little man? 😉
These were taken Summer of 2014, now look at my kiddo.
Photo taken yesterday night, as an entry to #1Mcleantoilets campaign of DomexPh for #worldtoiletday
Big changes, I dare say! Like I always say, it’s bittersweet. Proud for his milestones, and little achievements and at the same time, missing the cute little bub he used to be. Ayaw na nga patawag ng baby because his big na. He prefered being called kuya.

✅As a full grown toddler, Clyde has his own preferences. Be it food, television show or color of his toy, even his answers (English and Filipino) now depends on what we call mood. Just like when we collaborate in naming Motts Apple Twins. He wanted to name them Mana and Sanas because gusto niya Tagalog, eh.
Clyde is excited to taste my versions of Nestle Club’s “O Can’t Believe It’s Breakfast!” recipes! Thank you Ma’am Mavs for inviting us.

✅ He can easily adapt to his surroundings. Unlike before, Clyde is now having fun playing along other kids although he prefer his lone time sometimes, he now anticipate to play with his cousins and other kin.
No, he won’t allow you to take David home. 😂

✅ He is possessive and generous at the same time. Again, it depends on his mood, and/or circumstances. Like when others are asking him to give Dave to them, the answer is a confident, convicted NO.
Aside from breaking the fasting, Breakfast is a celebration of life. You get to wake up and eat again. But pray first! More breakfast facts here.

Since I now have two babes beneath my mothering wings, this toddler’s top 5 today shall now be tod and bub’s top 5 today!
Dave approved!

✅ I think Clyde is excited to homeschool. I think.
✅12th was Dave’s 5th month. Today, he finally tasted kangkong leaves, some red onion, another grape, a scrape of banana and the tips of bone marrow. Delish, puro laway and super scream siya to make us give him more samples of food. I am now preparing his first baby bottle for the water.

Want more of Dave? Stay tuned for more Todd and Bub’s combined Top 5 Today! #TT5T 😜

P.S. Check out our entry for #MottsPh’s Name the Apple Twin here.


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