Nestle’s “I Can’t Believe It’s Breakfast” Recipe Book Launch

I was invited for a breakfast in Nestle’s nest at Rockwell, and I knew that we’re in for a treat.

Nestle officially launched its exclusive cookbook for its Nestle Club members.

Learn more about Nestle’s Starting the day right with Breakfast here.

One of the things I cherish in this event is the realization that:

Aside from breaking the fast, #breakfast is a celebration of life. – Chef Tess

Nestle Dietician Nutritionist Catherine Sarmiento highlighting the importance of eating breakfast within 2 hours after waking up.

✅ weight management
✅ cognition
✅ bone, gut, heart health
✅ gives energy and helps build healthy habit

Start the day right, eat breakfast with Milo:


Click to know more about I Cant BeLieve it’s Breakfast! here. Thank you Ma’am Mavs of Ogilvy, Chef Tess,

Ma’am Carmen Sarmiento, Nestle’s Dietician Nutrionist

Ma’am Aurora Alipao of Nestle

Want to grab a copy of @nestle_wellness’ I Can’t Believe It’s Breakfast recipe book that has meals made easy-peasy and is perfect with @milophilippines? For FREE?

Yes! For FREE! Starting today, November 11 -30, 2015, you could get this exclusive Nestle Club Cookbook just by

✅ signing up as an online member of Nestle Club, Make sure to verify the email confirmation to qualify,

✅ already a member? Login with your username and password, edit your profile and hit save. Only updated profiles are qualified.



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