Stronger Shinier Hair Can Do It All!

A couple of months back, I received a very special gift from the bellas behind It’s the gift of stringer, shinier hair with Pantene’s new and improved Pro-V Care Active formula. It penetrates deeper, giving hair a total damage care!

With stronger, shinier hair from the core, you can DO IT ALL!

and in my case, I rapped it!

Short hair. Don’t care.

Yow. Ah uh… Ah uh… Are you ready, bellas? 📼🎧 and a 1, 2, 3. Here we go!

🎶I flip it, and scrunch it. Walk down the winding hall.
🎵No worries. No hurries. No hairs across the floor.
🎼It’s shinier. It’s stronger. It’s Total Damage Care.
🎸I’m buzzing. I’m sharing, it’s Pantene to the core.
🎺 I #doitallhair, #doitallhair, yeah, fingers on my hair.
🎷 I #doitallbella, your IG jock bella, yeah, Im a#bdjveteran, #bdjbella.

Break it, break it, break it, break it down! Give it up, DJ @gerilen in the house!

Wanna hear it? I might flipagram post it!
#gerilenmbf #RAPonIG
Thank you @panteneph @bdjbuzz @bdjbox! Because of my stronger, shinier hair, I can do it all! Even an #impromptu rap on IG, nah, scratch that, on everywhere! 😎


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