MBF: NO SPOILER #BeforeIDo by Kath Eustaquio-Derla

One of human’s unique challenges that usually happen during the first quarter of his life, is his relationship status. And this book just hits home.



When I was in college, my professor in Environmental Engineering told us to describe how engineering could impact the environment. He choses a random essay, and yup, napili niya ‘yung essay ko. I generally use the word “he” to describe humanity, and bias daw ako tapos nagulat siya na ‘yung binasa niyang essay ay sulat ng babae. Mag-eexplain sana ako eh, pero hindi na, I let it go. Buti na lang hindi niya binanggit name ko while reading my essay aloud.

The point is, bias talaga ako, minsan nang naging theme song ng buhay ko ang “If I Were a Boy” ni Beyonce, pero hindi ako lesbian. Parang ganito oh…

See? Pagbabae, it’s complicated talaga. Maraming choices, at kapag walang options, gumagawa tayo ng options. Options. Options. Options. Minsan pa, sa dami na ng pagpipilian, wala pa rin tayong mapusuan. Be it clothes to wear, lipstick, nail polish, where to eat, food to order, dine in or take out, may sauce o wala.


Before I Do is a hilarious, catty, and heart-breaking read for every Filipina who wants the whole wedding shebang but not the *gulp* responsibilities of marriage.

Well, this book will hit you, hard on the face, twice.

#BeforeIDo kept me on the edge of my seat! And as much as I tried to take my time digesting this book, the cliff hangers stopped me from stopping!!! Gets mo? The cliff hangers, grabe! If wala kang imagination, this book will make you sprout one! This really is hilarious, catty and heart-breaking af!
If you’re a girl who wants the wedding production but not the responsibilities of a marriage, this one’s for you. And for sure, lahat ng girls kahit in denial stage pa, iyan ang gusto deep inside.

Keeping the book and the letter. 💓 A reread is in order while feeding the sleepy infant. #BeforeIDo.

Yep, read it twice already! At magkakaroon pa ng third ito malamang. Kapag kasi bet ko ang book, more than once ko siya binabasa. Parang perfume and music, kapag naamoy o narinig mo, me-naaalala ka. “Before I Do” reminds me of my last boyfriend and my wedding preparation.

The first photo was my bouquet. My wedding theme was sunflower yellow and snailshell brown. Landi lang ‘no? Hear me out first. Eh kasi naman I love sunflowers because they face the sun, and sunrise means hope. Facing the sun is like finding hope for me and snailshell, because hubby gave me a keychain made out of a snail’s shell, aside from my coconut coin bank (na isang buwan daw niyang pinakain sa langgam para maalis ‘yung coconut meat sa loob without breaking the shell). TMI, I know! Pak na pak sa hashtag #gerilenmbf. Hindi ko na naabutan ang wild sunflower season ng Baguio (March) and fortunately, like ko din ang gerbera, kaya ‘yun.

Nakakaexcite magprepare ng wedding, madrama. Madrama talaga, you have to meet both ends (the dream wedding and the reality of budget). I cried more than once (joys and fears) during our preparation.

At bago ka magprepare ng wedding, may drama din. I already said my vows and I did enjoy the book!

If you are looking for a chic lit to read, get this! Grab a copy or two! This is one of the best reads you could give to your friends (‘wag magdamot! Sharing is caring!) na katulad mo ding may pinagdadaanan, ehem, kaway kaway quarter life crisis.

Watch out for my tell-all pasabog about the protagonist and the author!  Abang lang! Makakasakay ka din. 😉


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