LD SYSTEMS MAUI28 MIX Active Compact Column Speaker System with Built-In 3-Channel Mixer

The LD Systems MAUI 28 Mix is a compact PA system and ideal all-around solution for solo entertainers, DJs, and presentations; the elegant look is also suitable for permanent use in sophisticated surroundings and home entertainment rooms. Other features include a 3-channel mixer, extremely simple assembly and connection control through LED indicator, simple wireless plug-in connection by means of multi-pin connector, stable connection with 4 steel pins.

Maui 28 Mix

Maui 11 Mix

Dave8 Roadie

Ready for multiple personal and professional audio applications: from intimate live performances, business presentations, to home entertainment, the MAUI 28 Mix will deliver the best sound possible.

High quality audio, compact, and easy to assemble PA system in a price range every audio enthusiast can smile about– that is the MAUI 28 Mix. German Engineering. Exceptional sound and value.

Maui28 Mix is available now in leading music & appliance stores nationwide. Other speaker system models include Dave8 Roadie and Maui11 Mix. Visit www.avscorp.com.ph/ld-systems for more details.

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