First-ever #MVPBellaMeet!

Last February 6, some of Belle de Jour Power Planner’s #bdjveterans including yours truly, were invited in an informal get-together with the bellas behind the BDJ Team and the very hands-on boss bella, Dar. (preggy and all!)

Kakaiba ‘to sa BDJ Rendezvous and BDJ Soirees, dito sa #MVPBellaMeet – walang talks, walang upo-upo, intense agad agad.

We were treated in a Saturday afternoon of thrill and pizzazz inside Mystery Manila in Century City Mall. Bellas were subdivided into four groups and enter one of the real-life room escape games. One group strolled around the mall connecting clues on how to toooooooot (bawal magkwento!). Sabi ‘ko, ah more on action sila, buti na lang hindi ako kasama dun kasi for sure, ako huling makikita nilang tumatakbo! Haha Pero nung nalaman kong Debby’s Doll sa amin, natahimik ako eh…

So eto na nga, the basic rule of the game is for players to solve the puzzles, challenges and whatnots inside the so called game room for a maximum of 60 minutes or else it’s game over. And in our case (kaway kaway sa doll ni Debby), get our souls taken! Inay ku po!

Five minutes inside the room and we started screaming our face off! Sabe na nga eh, kaya nanahimik na ako nung nalaman kong Debby’s Doll sa amin (tanong mo pa kay Aia) kasi mapapasigaw talaga ako dito! Picha pie. Nawala ang sense of pademure ko, todo kapit ako sa mga katabi ko! Danica, sana hindi ka po nagkapasa! lol (Literally hugging each other like we’re the best pals in life! Babala: Makaka-Hokage moves mga me-motibo dito!) Intense agad agad! We tried to puzzle our way out by picking out clues and locks (Lupin lang ang peg ni Kate! Haha) while trying not to sh*t our pants (at least in my case this is true! Ahuhu).


On Lower Photo: Aia, Gerilen, Jessa, Kate and Danica.

We called our team “The Bella Dolls” – Aia (of BDJ Team), Kate (of BDJ Beauty Ministry) and the BDJ Veterans: Yours Truly, Jessa, and Danica. Almost Solved for us, at dahil ‘yan sa aribang tooooot na tooooooot. (Meh ganun talagang justification? Bitter lang :P)

Sa dami ng sigaw ko, (mga bente siguro, lagpas guhit) syempre nauhaw ako (at marami akong nais iparating sa kinauukulan! Intense ang mga ganap!) kailangan kong i-voice out at i-translate ang screams ko inside the game or else baka dalawin ako ni Debby and where else to continue our “Intense agad-agad relationship status” with my bellas – Le Petit Souffle. (Intense ang word ko that day!)  Ang bongga lang! *Kris Aquino voice

#gerifiedph #mvpbellameet

We discussed the weather – the friggin’ locks, our screams and a bet whether we’ll get our souls back from Debby’s doll! In na in sa moment si Ate tapos I learned pa that we, as the BDJ Veterans are privileged to have an MVP Bella status on the‘s BDJ All-Access Club for a year! Kabog! Fireworks! Aba, kung ganito ka-intense maging MVP Bella eh kailangang i-maintain ang status!

Enjoy na enjoy si Ate ano? So paano ka naman? First off, thank you umabot ka sa part na ito. Now, I’ll share to you how to be an MVP Bella.

So, ‘di ka #BDJveterans? Okay lang ‘yan. First time? Okay lang din yan.

Number 1 – Join the Belle de Jour Power Planner Community and Exclusive Club for Bellas online by registering at Don’t you worry Hun, membership is FREE!

Number 2 – Be an active bella!

  • Review products in the shop.
  • Comment on an article in and
  • Share an article from the both websites.
  • Submit a blog or video blog
  • Purchase a planner or any paper product in
  • Purchase any item in the shop
  • Subscribe to an Elite Box
  • Subscribe to a Luxe Box
  • Register for an event
  • Attend an event
  • Participate in a campaign and/or a contest


Get the Bella All-Access Club FAQs here.

Get the Bella Participation Points FAQs here.

What will you get? More than #PerksofaBella! It’s perks of an #MVPBella!

  • Monthly Unique Coupon Code (Php500 less for a minimum of Php1500 worth of purchase on
  • #MVPBellaMeet (15 randomly selected MVP bellas will be given a chance to be invited for the next MVP Bella Meet!)
  • Special Feature on (Be a star, a bella star)
  • Automatic Invite (on BDJ Rendezvous)
  • Bring-a-Friend Pass (on BDJ Rendezvous)
  • Soiree/Passion Series Passes (3 randomly selected MVP bellas will be given a chance to be the MVP representatives)
  • BDJ Power Planner (3months straight MVP = 50% off and 6months straight MVP = FREE BDJ Power Planner!)
  • MVP Badge (6months straight MVP = 3months MVP Badge for BDJ Events)
  • Special Gifts (inside the MVP Bella loot bags on BDJ Rendezvous)

And wait, there’s more! *Promodizer voice

This March 2016, BDJ will launch the MVP Bella League on Facebook! It’s a tight-knit group between the BDJ Team and le Bellas wherein everyone is free to post about their everyday life. Advice, tips and experiences about anything under the sun.

I’m just so happy that my favorite planner is not just a planner (who helps me organize my chaotic life these past decade) anymore, now it turns into something – more beautiful, ever passionate and empowering community.

Thank you so much Dar for creating the BDJ! ❤ *tissue please


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