Baby’s Top 5 Today (Dave)

We’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks months now, the entire family is battling flu, finally recovered. (See, some of my posts were stuck in the drafts folder for quite a long long while now.) And this week, we’re mourning the loss of a loved one. It’s as sudden as a breeze, and I’m just really thankful for the promise of the resurrection. More about this soon.

I’ve been meaning to post an update about the boys, developments & milestones and all that. Now, I’m finally having a sit down in front of my screen. I’ve been staring here all day, and now, after drinking my second cup of coffee…

I initially thought of naming Dave, David. The hubby wants his name as his first name too, so we look for names that will glide along Jerson smoothly and Jerson David seems like a mouthful for us. Just like Jerson Clyde, we need a one syllable name close to David and this happen…

Dave – DAYV: welsh for beloved, the model of perfect.

HOPE is the little voice you hear whisper “maybe” when it seems the entire world is shouting “no”!

HOPE are the little arms that hugs me, wet kisses me softly and whispers “maybe” when it seems that my own self is shouting “no”!

Jerson Dave is his real name but I’m fond of calling him David. Da-vvid. David. David. David. David. David. So yeah, his nickname is longer than his real name. Weird. But good. Good weird.

imagePlease excuse my face, I’m trying to look like one of Count Olaf’s henchmen – either of the two powdered faced women. Experimenting on my makeup when I have time sometimes means in a rush and need to run an errand. (Yep, working on that too!)  Donning different shapes of brows, mixing lip colors. In this photo, I’m wearing a Nichido lip pencil in red and Nyx transylvania. And just like kitty Katy Perry, I wanna go out there and be a life-size anime, (at least on my own perspective, like pfft) but enough about my awesomeness.

1 -The first two months passed by so fast, his passive observation on us is now long gone. He wants to be in, and I mean in the conversation too. Conversate? (Conversate by the way haven’t got its way to the Oxford English dictionary, at least not yet, if you’re asking. Andaming segway!) Dave kicks on wherever he can put some leverage for his feet to “stand up” or “move forward’ and gurgle. He can stand on my lap, stomach, boobs (yes. I said wherever, didn’t I?) Aside from smiling back, he can now “talk back” with his goos and gahs. Dave’s oohs and giggles are becoming constant and sometimes he’s yelling “mmmmma” when he is feeling upset or hungry or he just want to smell my mommy-ness. He is demanding that way, and I like not, love it even at times when I’m in the middle of a rush or something like taking my time on the loo. I just breath deep, close my eyes and say “I can do this.” Minsan lang sila baby and I will never have another from the belly baby ever again, at least not in this lifetime. He cry hard, but laugh harder.

Click to view video.

Jerson Dave with his cousin, Jamiel Elijah. Dave is 3 months older than Jam, and my sister and I are giggling in their cuteness overload. It really is more fun to have my sister to talk about our sons, it deepens our relationship in a whole new level. Chos.

2 – Dave is strong. He reaches out to touch anything and anyone in his reach. My plate. His brother’s hair. Mommy’s makeup pouch. The seatbelt. Anything! He can now pick things up with his both or either ambiguous hands and really study everything, including mundane things. My plate. His brother’s hair. Mommy’s makeup pouch. The seatbelt. Anything! Yes, it’s a dejavu. Clyde looks like him too. It’s a deja vu!The milestones? Dejavu!

This DIY thingy that I posted on Instagram help me make his grabbing skills develop.

With keen eyes and eager hands, he gurgle and squeak and the rattle the tram.


My favorite part of his #diy is not how #pinterestingthis string of baby eyecandy is, its how uniquely, its imperfection fits the butterflies and a backhoe in a row of random hoops and spheres…
Just like how life mess things up and then, blend it out beautifully.
How a gust of air, a #toddler‘s determined little hand (with a little help of a monoblock, & a stick, a ladle, a ruler or anything long and stiff enough), or#baby‘s soft fingers reaching out, could make this abstract sway and dance, sometimes softly, most of the time, chaotic.
Just like how I would like to believe I’m living life, if not to the fullest as to some head’s standard, but beautifully, at least with my little gentlemen on my lap and arms, #mothering. #gerilenmbf #artlotto#lifewithtoddlers #womenirl

3 – Live. Love. Laugh. I love the sound of his crackle -it’s as if he’s containing his cough but he’s actually laughing. Can you imagine that? It’s music to my ears, hearing my boys laugh. It’s also a good way of making sure he is developing emotionally and socially. Clyde running towards him, he laughs. Daddy making faces while snorting, he laughs. Mommy playing peek-a-boo with her hands, the pillow, or whatever thing to hide my eyes from his, he laughs. With tickly toes, inner thighs and the whole of his back, we don’t have a hard time on making him produce that sound of thunder, err, giggle. I like it best when he couldn’t contain the tickle, he closes his eyes and stump around with his limbs while shouting on top of his lungs. Well, maybe that last part might be an exaggeration.

When all the world is spinning ‘round
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down.

4- I still continue on breastfeeding him until he self wean and while we’re at it, we’re having fun introducing him to solid food. He already tasted broccoli, squash, potatoes, sibuyas, kamatis to name a few. Juiced. Squeezed. Mashed.

5 – I am now used on creating songs while inserting their names, complete names if you may say so.

Jerson Clyde Polon, Jerson Dave Polon… Ang binata ko, guwapong guapito. Si Jerson Dave, Jerson Clyde Polon. Ang guapong guapong guapito.

Don’t ask me for the tune, it’s enough that I posted the lyrics. Haha Why that? When I’m singing a personalized song for Dave, Clyde is always listening and asking “How about me?” or “Pa’no naman ako?” every. single. time. with closing his lids and pointing to himself to emphasize.

From Canon D to everything Baroque, to kindergarten songs & baby lullabies. Humming to Katy Perry, country songs and kingdom songs, Dave loves to listen, and music encourages neurological development because it helps improve their creativity. Calm the nerves, enhance memory and hence, better learning. Music is a language that everyone knows, including babies. I used to play music to soothe them when I was still pregnant, too. Dave can now sing. He sings proudly with his ahh and gahhs while the music and playing in time to the lyrics.

One month old Dave with Mama Ellen.

Everyday is a milestone, but each child is unique and different. They develop at their own pace. So don’t worry if you think your baby is late in the guideline chart, maybe he’s a late bloomer, or maybe he is a genius. How can I say that? Well, some kids don’t talk until they’re three or older. And there’s this one incident where the parents think that their child is a mute. Note that they talked in English, Tagalog and Fukien. Since the child is always watching English movies and baby whatnots, when he finally speaks, he speaks fluent English for his age. 😛

That’s it for now. I could say that Dave is more sociable, talks a lot and always wanted to go outside. Stay tuned for Clyde’s Toddler’s Top 5! I will also be sharing why we named him Clyde at the first place aside from the fact that it looks good gliding along his first name Jerson.

One hand typing,



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