Reliv Super Nutrition Forum for Supermoms

Last May 28, we had a cozy Saturday afternoon with the lovely people behind Reliv Nutrition for the Reliv Super Nutrition Forum for Supermoms. Reliv Philippines consider motherhood as one of real life superheroes!
Mothers may they be called Nay, Nanay, Ina, Inay, Ma, Mama, Mom, Mum, Mommy, Mader, Mudrakel, Mudrabels, Mamita, Momski – they all face challenges 24/7, make incredible sacrifices all for the benefit of her loved ones – the family.

The event was held at the snug and homely Staple & Perk Bakery in Eco Plaza Building in Makati. The venue is ideal for what lies ahead – an afternoon of insightful nutrition talks, shakes, fun games and trivia and special treats and goodies for super active, no-sickleave moms!

Reliv’s mission is to Nourish the body, mind and spirit by pursuing nutritional products that promotes optimal health while offering individuals freedom from financial burdens through their business opportunity of direct selling and personal growth as well bia charitable foundation. In this afternoon, we were introduced to the two of their bestselling essential daily nutrition products – the Reliv Now and the Reliv Now for Kids.
The event was filled with insightful kid’s nutritional talks, one of these is the Reliv Family Story of couples, Sammy and Dorothy Tan, Presidential Director and Bronze Ambassador – Reliv gave them financial freedom that allowed them to be always home for their kids and at the same time, placed them at the prime of their health.

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The Reliv Difference

We consider food healthy when it has nutrients that could work together to provide benefit to our physical body. But let’s face it, we cannot physically eat the food pyramid in one day, let alone one sitting, right? That is why we rely on multivitamins.

Check out why we should take Reliv instead of ordinary Multivitamins here.

Reliv products offer a complex blend of nutrients in a unique form that they call The Reliv Difference.

Bioavailability – products formulated to ensure quick, optimal absorption
Synergism – vitamins, minerals and other nutrients combined to work together effectively
Optimal Nutrition – Reliv Products undergo standards of optimal nutrition developed for higher levels of key nutrients
Guaranteed Quality Ingredients – Reliv Products undergo rigorous testing in every step of manufacturing process

The Gift of Optimal Health

We, moms always want what’s best for our children. Aside from safe home, we always wanted them to be of optimal health.

Children’s best nutritional supplement is Reliv Now for Kids, read more here.

Consuming LunaRich at an early age while the body is developing can maximize lunasin’s many benefits and lead to long-tem, lasting benefits into adulthood. LunaRich works like a guardian angel to protect children’s cells. – Dr. Alfredo Galvez, SL Technology’s Chief Scientific Officer and discoverer of lunasin

Some of the goodness in Reliv Now for Kids
Vitamin A for healthy eyesight
Iodine to support learning and concentration
Vitamin C for skin and gums
Chromium to metabolize carbohydrates and fats
B Vitamins B1 & B2 to release energy from the foot eaten
Protein to build lean muscles and provide sustained energy
Iron for body’s oxygen
Calcium for strong bones and teeth
Zinc for immune system

One of our highlight for this event was that we got the chance to taste the delicious shakes that they created with Reliv products.

My mom didn’t let this chance pass, so she bought herself a can of Reliv Now.

Want to order your first Reliv products? Do it NOW!

Yes, I’m now a registered distributor so just give me a call or a PM and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Check out Reliv Philippines on

Philippine Branch office: G/F DPC Place Bldg., 2322 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City

Phone Number: (02) 812-6889

Facebook Page:



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