Jolly Kiddie Meal Arctic Buddies and the Ice Age Collision Course Movie!

Eyes Swap with Manny, Head Swap with Scrat, Face Swap with Diego!

You could even plan a forever with bestfriend Jollibee just what Peaches and Julian like, or make an electric connection like super attractive possum twins, but whatever you do, never run after Scrat’s elusive acorn! For you might get yourself in the-world-will-end-as-we-know-it kind of trouble, unless ye get affairs with one-eyed weasel, Buck who could slide down a rat’s hole with a fang of a dinosaur!

Enjoy the Ice Age: Collision Course with BestFriend Jollibee’s latest toy collection – the Jolly Kiddie Meal Arctic Buddies!

Manny the Arctic Memo Pad

Turn Manny’s head to the left or right and it will automatically go back to its original position.
Lift Manny to open the base and get the memo pad and start writing your notes.

Buck Stomping Stamper

Press down Buck. Watch as Buck jumps after a while. Use Buck as a stampet by pressing Buck against Manny’s Artic Memo Pad to imprint design.
Sid Slide N’ Write

Press a button on Sid’s tree top and watch him glide and slide down. Pull him up and use the bottom as a ballpen.
Scrat Rocket Sharpener

Put Scrat inside his rocket blast and press the button to launch him in space with his acorn! Use the rocket blast as a pencil sharpener.
The toys are sturdy, full on details (eye paint, fur texture) and with vibrant colors but what I like about it the most is the fact that they are actually school materials – making playing and learning fun and exciting!

Watch the fifth era of Ice Age with its latest movie, Ice Age: Collision Course in cinemas near you!


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